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This page serves to state that the platform universitaet.com operates in awareness of and with adherence to relevant laws, standards, regulations, ethics and other requirements. In this relation, it is stated how the users of the portal should conduct themselves and what the consequences are in the case that unfair practices are observed.

Universitaet.com in its function as a university portal, online shop, blog and forum aims to maintain a friendly environment and communication free of discrimination and inappropriate behavior for all users and website visitors. This Compliance will define the breadth of rights and responsibilities all participants in the activity on universitaet.com undertake.

Below you will find an in-depth guide to what speech and behavior will not be tolerated on universitaet.com, as well as the actions that will be taken in case of non-compliance.

User privileges

As a registered user on universitaet.com, there is a broad range of activities you can participate in on the website. Apart from browsing through the detailed list of universities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, you also have the option to leave reviews and comments about them. You can view products on [in] the “Shop” section, but also review them and share your experience with them. You are also able to participate in discussions in the “Forum” and take part in quiz games, as well as win prizes.

Users on universitaet.com have exclusive access to features that are not available for viewers of the website. Such features include, but are not limited to, those mentioned above.

What we expect from you

As a user on universitaet.com you are expected to comply with the guidelines stated on this page. You have the right to express your opinions freely and openly. You are encouraged to:

  • Provide your real email and name upon registration without impersonating or falsifying
  • Leave your honest opinions about universities and higher education institutions
  • Engage in conversations politely and in a well-mannered fashion
  • Present your thoughts authentically and without hateful or offensive speech
  • Leave reviews (stars) on products with or without accompanying comments
  • Be constructive and facilitate meaningful discussions
  • Be open to people from different backgrounds and different experiences

All users on universitaet.com are to follow moral etiquette and use the website as it is intended to inform, guide, sell products, entertain and share thoughts.

Forbidden speech and actions

Universitaet.com users and visitors are entitled to their right of freedom of speech. However, in the interest of maintaining a positive and supportive environment on [in] all sections of the website, there are certain actions and statements that will not be accepted. Such include:

  • Insults on race and/or ethnicity
  • Threats of violence
  • Hate speech and harassment based on sexual orientation, nationality, religious or political beliefs, financial status etc.
  • Extreme sexuality and/or nudity
  • Discrimination in any form
  • Impersonation and/or identity theft
  • Invasion of privacy
  • Spam in any kind
  • Distribution of real-life information
  • Posting (links to) malicious programs/viruses
  • Hacking data files
  • Obscenity and/or vulgarity
  • Posting copyrighted or illegal content
  • Posting paid advertisements and/or promotions
  • Using inappropriate language

The above-mentioned or any other conduct which could reasonably be considered inappropriate in a professional setting will face consequences.

Consequences of forbidden actions

On universitaet.com it is of utmost importance that the appropriate tone and friendly environment is maintained. In order to ensure that all sections on the website provide a safe and positive experience for users, certain actions are to be taken when impropriety is detected.

For Users:

In the case of non-compliance, users will be given a warning. You will receive an email with the request to delete your comment. If you do not delete it, you will be banned from the portal for 10 days. In the event of continuous non-compliance, your account will be permanently deleted.

For Companies & Universities:

Companies and universities are not allowed to leave reviews for themselves. If they do, the following actions will be taken:

Suspicious of Non-Compliance

In case of a one-time occurrence or unconfirmed suspicion of leaving reviews for themselves, universities and companies will receive a badge added to their profile stating that they are Suspicious of Non-Compliance.

Violation of Compliance

Any university or company which has been proven to violate the rules by reviewing themselves will receive a Violation of Compliance badge added to their profile.

The said badges will remain on their profiles for an indefinite period of time or until the behavior or comment violating the compliance is stopped or deleted.

Universitaet.com retains its right to delete offensive and/or threatening comments, as well as ban users who continuously go against the website rules. By registering on universitaet.com, users, universities and companies automatically agree to follow the points stated in this Compliance, and therefore by opposing them, they subject themselves to the consequences.