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Scholarships are an important factor that every prospective student should consider when applying for a particular university. There are a lot of opportunities for students to receive scholarships in Austria and a lot of educational organizations are willing to support the students who are there to complete their education. Austria has a range of many different types of scholarships available covering a number of different areas. In Austria, both international and local students can benefit from more than a thousand different scholarships available. There are scholarships designed for students who have achieved excellent academic results. Students from poor backgrounds will also find scholarships available for them particularly so that they will be able to continue their studies. Funding opportunities are available for foreign students coming to Austria to study either at undergraduate or postgraduate degree level and those who wish to specialize in a particular research area and who demonstrate a high commitment to learning in that particular specialism.

However, students should apply through their university first, therefore it is recommended for them to check regularly the university’s website, where both scholarship requirements and deadlines are announced. Moreover, it is good practice to ensure before starting an application that a scholarship matches up with previous experience, achievements, and future research aspirations. Also, students need to be strict when it comes to scholarship application deadlines, especially because for some types of scholarships in Austria, the application period is scheduled only once a year.