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Today, Switzerland is one of the top study destinations for international students, because the tuitions fees in Swiss universities are low, compared to the ones in other European countries. Moreover, In Switzerland, both domestic and foreign students can benefit from different types of scholarships. There are thousands of charitable foundations that provide scholarships, grants, cultural exchange stipends, etc. On top, there are also many scholarship programs provided to students in Switzerland by the Government. No matter which country a student is coming from, there are many opportunities for one to receive a scholarship. For some countries, the number of potential scholarships that can be awarded is relatively higher than for others, however, it can be said that for most nationalities a scholarship in Switzerland can be organized. Furthermore, there are аlsо scholarships in Switzerland that are granted to Master’s degree applicants from both industrial and developing countries. In fact, doctoral degree students have the highest chance to be awarded a scholarship compared to Bachelor or Master’s degree students. However, in degree programs such as music, performance or fine arts, scholarships for Master’s degree students are strictly limited so applicants should keep that in mind in case of applying for such a degree course. In general, scholarships in Switzerland can help students in covering a considerable part of students’ living expenses, but it is only awarded to a few, so it is advisable for candidates to make sure that they have their own sufficient funds to pay the way through their education in case a scholarship is not awarded.