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The German higher education system is recognized as one of the best in both Europe and the whole world in general. All higher education institutions in Germany provide everything students need to succeed, including excellent teaching methods and lots of innovation opportunities. Of course, another aspect that should be highlightes is that in public universities in Germany, students do not have to pay any tuition fees, including internationals or exchange students from EU/EEA countries. The reason behind is that all public higher education institutions in the country are fully funded by the federal states. In Germany, ninety-five percent of all universities are public. Another advantage of studying in Germany is that there are more than 17,000 different courses in total offered to prospective students in so many different fields. Even though German is the primary language in the country, a huge part of the degree courses is also offered in English as a language of instruction, which is an ideal opportunity for those who do not speak German. Moreover, bilingual courses taught in both English and German are another option. During their studies, students in Germany either live in private accommodation or in a student hall of residence, also called student dormitory. German universities do not automatically assign a room for the students there, but both Student Services and the International Office from the selected university provide all prospective students with the most important information prior to their arrival. When it comes to prices for rent in German student halls of residence, they usually do not cost much, but can still vary from one city to another. Big cities tend to be more expensive than small ones. It comes with no surprise that with every year more and more students from all over the world choose German universities to be their future “academic home”.