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Working in Berlin 7 Thank you so much PatriciaL and to everyone else! You really helped me a lot ^^
Working more than the allowed hours 4 Thanks guys! Have a good one.
Internship while working part-time 5 You will be lucky if you manage to work, study and do an internship all at the same time especially doing Masters :D idk for me personally it’s just too much stress and at the end you won’t be able to put enough effort into each aspect alone. Maybe you should look por a paid internship.
First job 8 You should work in retail… they pay good money and you get discounts. As a guy mabe you can try out something at Foot Locker, Nike, Addidas or something like that.
Cover letter for an internship 7 I use this website for help https://www.kickresume.com/en/help-center/intern-cover-letter-samples/ You can find samples here for diffrent position
Favourite Netlifx series? 4 I watch Sex Education. It’s a comedy- drama but there are a lot of funny moments. It’s about a 16 year-old boy whose mother is a sex therapist and then he starts counselling other kids in his school about it but he never really done it. You should check it out.
Good documentary movies about racism 8 Thank you all very much about these suggestions, I will check them out. However, I was wondering if anyone can suggest any documentaries focusing on racism on a global scale and not only within America?
I forgot the movie title. A little help please 7 Many thanks TashaS… I just found it online and will watch it tonight.
What to watch? 5 The New Mutants and Unhinged are also an option. I think Unhinged is a remake of an old movie with a similar plot that I watched years ago but Im not too sure. In any case it’s with Russell Crowe so it should be interesting to watch.
Moview review: Mulan 4 Well, it really has much more vivid fighting scenes than the original, not so much blood is used but still I also think it might be a bit disturbing at times. It is a mature overview of the original story suggesting that girls… and basically everyone should believe in themselves and stand up for that despite their ups and downs.