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Pimp up your student life with the right equipment

Being a student in the 21st century comes with its challenges. Everyday life is busier than ever, which makes it seem almost impossible to keep up. You need to balance between lectures, exams, social life, time off and even sleep, and usually one comes at the cost of another. It is not difficult to start feeling overwhelmed. The good news: there are definitely ways to make your life as a student easier. You can have the best of both worlds – get the grades you want and have an exciting social life thanks to these 20 products that will make you wonder why you did not discover them even sooner!

#1 UNI Fun Kit - €99,90

Life as a student in the 21st century is pretty hard. Multitasking is hip, so focusing on your studies and juggling between good grades, keeping fit and maintaining a social life is a task that is almost impossible. What is more, choosing the right products with so many options available on the market can give you a headache. However, the UNI Fun Kit is here to answer your prayers! Containing a variety of products especially selected for modern-day super-students, this box will make university life easier and that much more fun. With a stylish bag to carry your everyday belongings, pen set, USB flash drive, wireless headphones, RFID blocking card, soft scarf to keep you warm, and many more, the UNI Fun Kit will provide you with all the essentials for your time as a student. Truly a lifesaver, our UNI Fun Kit will give you more than you were hoping for. With the best multifunctional and smart products, all of your worries will be gone in no time. The time to order your UNI Fun Kit and enjoy student life is now!

#2 Backpack - €39,90

With this great highlight in safe hands, we will now show you what else you need for your daily routine. So, what is a typical day in your student life? The alarm clock goes off. You wake up and you are already dreading the hours ahead of you, naturally. You have a busy day, so you start to get ready for lectures – at this point you are wondering if they are even worth attending, but you suck it up and decide that they are. While your peers are rushing around their dorms collecting together all of their stuff to take to lectures, you swiftly fill up your SMART Charging Backpack and away you go. But it is no ordinary backpack – it is not only convenient enough to carry all of your necessities; it is also smart (some may say even smarter than that professor who almost failed you). It comes with a built-in USB port for your power bank, sections that make organization easy (yes, even if your room is a mess, your backpack is guaranteed to be clean and tidy), and is waterproof. And if that is not enough, its design is modern, minimalistic and stylish. Inside your backpack you can fit anything, including your laptop, lunchbox, notebook, water bottle, pens, smart phone, patience, time management and physical energy.

#3 Power Bank - €34,90

You are on your way to uni, but realize that something horrible has happened – you have forgotten to charge your smart phone. A real tragedy… not! Worry not, you have your High-Speed Power Bank with you, so you can calmly charge your device on your way. The power bank can charge not only your smart phone, but any digital device you have. It is pretty small and lightweight, so carrying it around is no problem. You can even fit it inside your pocket. Its sleek design is just an addition to its main advantage, which is its capacity. Its capacity is 20,000 mAh, so it is powerful enough to last you the whole day, but if it does somehow happen to run out, you can just use the USB port in your backpack to charge it. After all, it is a smart one, remember?

#4 Earbuds - €39,90

While you are heading towards your lecture and contemplating your life, why not listen to some music? Wireless Earbuds are all the rage right now, so this is your chance to stand out as the cool kid that you are. Designed as ear buds, these headphones connect to your device via Bluetooth and provide crisp and clear sound. They can wake up and motivate even the most tired student. What is even more convenient is that they are charged in the case that they come in, so you do not have to worry about running out of battery. They are compatible with all devices. These ear buds’ design is polished and user-friendly. It is a given that they are super comfortable to both wear and carry around – they can even fit in your pocket.

#5 Headphones - €19,90

If, however, you are more traditional and prefer wired headphones, we’ve got you! The quality of sound that these Wired In-ear Headphones produce is on par with their wireless equivalent, but they do have two great advantages: you do not have to worry about charging them or losing them (or one of them, as it usually happens). These headphones are compatible with different devices, so if your phone is still charging, you can always use your tablet. Their design is another bonus. It is modern and fashionable, and if giving headphones compliments was a thing, these ones would surely be on the receiving end.

#6 Bicycle Lock - €39,90
Your way to university is now extra enjoyable, but you ultimately arrive there. Because you are very passionate about saving the environment, or you like to be active (one of the two, or even better – both), your preferred way of traveling is by bike. As they say, better safe than sorry, so you always lock your bike. But to do that you use no ordinary lock. For it is a SMART Bicycle Lock. It is not smart enough to lock your bike all by itself, it does connect to your phone. It is controlled by a pass code and you can use your mobile phone to lock and unlock it. What is more, this bike lock has special anti-theft technology, which means that if someone tries to unlock it and steal your bike, you will receive a signal on your phone. It is waterproof, of course, so you do not need to worry about the weather in any case. It should also be noted that, although it is called a “bicycle lock”, it is actually multipurpose. Apart from your bike, you can also use it to keep your scooter, motorcycle, or even home safe and secured.
#7 Coffee Cup - €19,90

The safety of your bicycle is now nothing to worry about, so you head towards your lecture. First, however, it is absolutely essential to make a quick stop for a coffee. As we have already established, you are trying your best to save the environment, because you are a very responsible human being (good for you!), so you always carry your Bamboo Reusable Coffee Cup with you. What is great about this coffee cup is that it is not only easy to carry around, fits inside your smart backpack, has a clean design and keeps your drink warm for longer, but it is also spill-proof. Not that it is encouraged, or socially acceptable to throw it around, but it would technically withstand it and your coffee (or tea) would still be warm and intact. This coffee cup has a capacity of 490ml, so you can fill it with enough coffee to wake you up. Don’t get carried away, though – you are still on your way to the lecture hall. You take your warm coffee with you and you head towards your destination.

#8 Writing Case - €29,90

You finally arrive at the lecture hall and start to wonder “Did I really have to come?” Yes, you did. Plus, a long and tiring lecture is no tough task for you. Taking notes always seems like a chore, especially when lecturers seem to talk at the speed of light. However, you know you can take a challenge, and because you are very stylish, it is only fitting to use a Leather Writing Case with Ring Binder & Pen covered in a tablet bag. The writing case is the perfect option for a student on the go, being extremely convenient. It has a classic design that will make your friends go “Oh, why don’t I have it, too?”, and the fact that you can easily add and take out sheets will not only give you practicality, but will also encourage you to take more notes just by laying there. Its stylishness is that powerful. Packed in a trendy tablet bag, you receive more than you bargained for in a convenient and fashionable style. You can add as many pages as you need in the writing case, which is perfect to write down every extremely important thing your professors say, which if we are being honest, is in most cases everything. The unique thing about this notebook is that it features leather compartments to store your credit cards and an additional compartment to hold your most important notes. Practical as ever!

#9 Pen and Pencil Set - €5,90

Alas! Your pen has run out of ink because of all the diligent note-taking you have been doing lately. But luckily for you, you have your Bamboo Pen and Pencil Set. They come in a cool and practical box that you can just pop into your smart backpack and you are good to go. Not only are they pretty cool to look at, but they are also good for the environment. Being made from bamboo, they are 100% plastic-free, which means that now is the time to reduce your carbon footprint. On top of that, they are practical, as well as convenient to hold and use. What is unique about the pen is that it has a built-in stylus that you can use for your smart phone and tablet. Your perfect companion during lectures and when doing homework!

#10 Writing Tablet - €19,90

Imagine this: you are immersed in an important lecture and are busy taking notes when suddenly nightmare strikes and you run out of pages in your notebook. That would be a pretty bad situation to find yourself in, but with the help of this Portable electronic LCD writing tablet you won’t have to worry about a thing anymore. It is very slim and lightweight, so it is easy to carry around. The tablet is great for when you need a draft, because it does not store the information you write on it. That means you can take it when doing an exam, if it is allowed of course, and use it for drafts at home, or in class. It is also convenient for when you are extremely bored during a lecture and are looking for a bit of fun. In that case you can simply take your tablet out and doodle away. On top of that, it has an 8.5 inch display, which makes it perfect for social gatherings, including parties. You can play a game of charades on one of these. It’s the 21st century after all.

#11 Lunchbox - €22,90

Congratulations! Your lecture is finally over, which means that you can finally relax. Or you could, if it wasn’t for that rumbling noise coming from your stomach. That can mean only one thing: it is time for lunch. If you are lucky enough to have good weather where you are studying, you head outside to eat in the fresh air, but if you are eternally suffering from humidity and clouds, you will probably choose to stay inside. While your friends are queuing at the canteen, you can already sit down and enjoy your food, because you have come prepared. You have a healthy meal from home organized in a Stainless Steel Lunchbox with four compartments and a metal fork for maximum convenience. What is unique about this lunchbox is that you can fill it with a main dish with side dishes and a dessert, so you are guaranteed to get all the nutrients you need. It is completely leak- and spill-proof. You can carry it in your smart backpack without having to worry that you will smell like food for the rest of the day. Even more, the metal compartments are removable. You can heat your food from anywhere by filling the lunchbox with hot water and placing the metal compartments over it. Just another smart move from you, right?

#12 Laptop Bag - €19,90

It would be amazing if you could eat for the rest of the day, wouldn’t it? Sadly, you are a busy person with stuff to do. So, after you have eaten your lunch, it is time to get back to business. The impending doom of the upcoming exams is annoyingly hanging over your head. You cannot ignore the responsibility anymore, so it is time to head towards the library to finally study. Before you do that, you put your precious laptop in your Laptop Bag. You know this bag is pretty cool, because you have already received compliments on it. Its design is indeed very sleek, modern and elegant. The fact that it is waterproof only adds to its list of advantages for you. Inside it you can fit not only your laptop, but also your notebook and writing pad, because you are being serious about studying after all. The laptop bag is easy to carry around because of its convenient design, but what is most important is that it protects your valuable personal belongings.

#13 MS Office 365 - €29,90

You are now at the library putting in the hard work and being a responsible adult. Then suddenly it dawns on you that you have an essay due until the end of the week, which makes you realize that you are perhaps not as responsible as you had thought. You swipe everything else aside and use the Microsoft Office 365 license key to download MS Office and start your essay. It is a good thing that you bought it, because now you don’t have to worry about it expiring and getting that message that blocks you from using all features. It is unlikely that you need a reminder of how beneficial MS Office is for you, but just in case – it is a universal information software package. It is easy to use and above all absolutely essential for you, especially considering that MS Word is perhaps the most common software that allows you to write your essays without worrying about glitches. Plus, the MS Office package can be activated on your phone, making it extremely easy to navigate. So, write away!

#14 Charging Pad - €24,90

Great news! You are done with studying, researching and writing your essay for the day, so it is finally time to head home. You put all the things back inside your smart backpack and laptop bag, unlock your bicycle and listen to music on the way back. However, when you arrive you realize that your phone has run out of battery. That is no big deal, because you have your Wireless Charging Pad ready to help. You know how smart phones’ USB cables annoyingly break in very short periods of time, so you are forced to buy replacements quite often? It is time to put all those worries aside, because with this wireless charging pad you do not need those cables anymore. It is super lightweight, charges very fast, and is overall a cool gadget to have. You can take it pretty much anywhere with you and it will last you for a long time. This little disc seems small and insignificant, but in actuality it is very powerful. You leave your smart phone to charge and go on with your busy day.

#15 Portable Speaker - €14,90

So, what is next on the list? Nothing! You finally have some time to relax. And what is the best way to relax? By playing some of your favorite music, of course. While you are waiting for your smart phone to charge, you can use your Portable Bluetooth Speaker to unwind and have fun by listening to music and perhaps even singing along and dancing to it (just make sure your roommates don’t mind that first). This little gadget makes your favorite songs that much more enjoyable. It pairs up with any device in a matter of seconds. The quality of sound that this speaker produces is comparable to any high-quality headphone set. Do not be fooled – although it seems small, this Bluetooth speaker is quite powerful. What is perhaps its biggest advantage is that it is portable and easy to carry virtually anywhere. You can use it to listen to music at home, out in the park, on the beach, or bring it to a party. In any case, it helps brighten the mood after a tiring day at university, which is exactly what you need. So for a good half an hour, you are jamming away and not caring about a thing.

#16 Repair Tool Set - €14,90

Your peace can only last for so long because you realize that the lock on your bedroom door is broken. You know how important privacy is when you are living in a shared flat, so this is an emergency. But you remember that you have just what you require – a Multifunctional Repair Tool Set 15 in 1. This set is so handy in situations like this one, because it has three different types of wrenches – hexagon, socket and flat –, as well as two types of screwdrivers and a socket holder. With the help of this multifunctional tool you can repair just about anything. It makes the process easy even if you are not a skilled mechanic. What is more, it is light and compact enough to carry around in case of emergencies. If your bicycle happens to break down on your way to university, you can fix it in no time. Back to reality: You use your multi-functional repair tool set to fix the lock on your door, which makes you feel like a total pro, even though you don’t really have an idea what you are doing. The music blasting from your Bluetooth speaker is definitely hyping you up.

#17 Fitness Tracker - €39,90

At this point you are starting to feel like a superhero, because you have successfully repaired your door. You decide to continue your winning streak by going to the gym. It is a given that on the way to the gym you keep listening to music on your headphones, but you also have another fun gadget now – the SMART Fitness Tracker. This little wristwatch is actually smarter than it may seem. It helps measure your heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen, monitors your sleep and counts your daily steps and calories. It can be used to enhance your performance in a number of sports. On it you can set alarms and reminders to always stay organized. What is even more impressive about this smart watch is that its functions are not limited to sport. You can check the weather forecast on it, as well as receive and view notifications from social media and text messaging applications. But its advantages do not end here – its design is minimalistic, but modern and attractive at the same time. Is it not amazing how such a tiny device can really improve your lifestyle? So, you are at the gym sweating away and tracking your results using the smart watch. This is what health feels like.

#18 Mini Fridge - €99,90

After you are done with your workout, it is time to go home again. At this point you are starting to feel a bit hungry (or let’s be honest – a lot). It is a good thing that you have your Mini Fridge 8L in your room, because now you do not have to worry about your roommates pinching your food. And you definitely want to avoid that situation considering how hungry you are from the gym. This mini fridge is super convenient, because it can store your food for you in the comfort of your own room. It fits quite a significant amount of products, although it looks small. But this product is special. While it is called a “fridge”, it does technically have other functions as well. It can also keep your food warm, which is perfect for a person with a lifestyle as busy as yours. This mini fridge is portable, energy-saving, safe to use and very importantly, silent. Nobody wants to hear a constant buzz while trying to study or listening to music. And wait for this: if you don’t think that you need a separate fridge in your room to keep your food safe, what about your beer? The mini fridge has a capacity of eight liters, which makes it totally capable of storing a few cans of beer. Very handy.

#19 Cooking Book - €11,90

Since the hunger is really starting to kick in now, you take out your products and look for a meal easy and fast enough to prepare. No one has the time for a three-course dinner. The quickest and best way to find a recipe is to look through HACK YOUR KITCHEN! The Ultimate Cooking Guide for Student Cooking Hunters. This cookbook has gathered a wide array of recipes that are perfect for students. They are easy to prepare and do not require expensive and hard-to-find products. When you are a student, the last thing you want to worry about is what to eat. It can be very frustrating trying to come up with ideas, especially when you are not used to cooking everything on your own. Hack Your Kitchen makes everything look simple. With it you will no longer see cooking as a chore, but rather as a fun addition to your busy day. The cookbook consists of various healthy meal options ranging from breakfast to dinner. It will make you feel like you know what you are doing, and don’t we all want that?

#20 Cool & Crazy T-Shirt - €19,90

Now that you have basically become a professional chef, it is time to let loose. It is enough hard work for one day. The time has come for your favorite part of the day: partying. You know you deserve it. Before you head out, you should prepare properly – nothing too out there and flashy, but cool enough to stand out. Then the perfect outfit comes to mind. You go for the classic “jeans and a nice top”, what a combination. This is the chance to wear your favorite Cool & Crazy T-Shirt! A white t-shirt is the go-to for many occasions. It is a truly timeless piece. One way to make it more fun and interesting is to add a print. This is especially appropriate for students who are not afraid to be the eyecatcher of the party. You are sure to turn heads and receive all the compliments while you are wearing it. So, you throw it on and combine it with your favorite jeans and sneakers.

#21 RFID Card - €11,90

You arrive at the party. It is time to enjoy your life a bit, because it’s not that bad when you think about it. Of course, you should still be careful with your personal belongings. But that is nothing to worry about, because you remember that you have your RFID Protection Card inside your wallet. It is the digital era, as you already know. That has brought many advantages to society, but also some big disadvantages. Most credit cards nowadays are smart and you only need to swipe them through POS terminal to make a transaction. Sounds convenient enough, but that leaves you vulnerable to theft. All a thief needs to do is scan your card while you are not paying attention and all your details are now theirs to use. However, you are safe. Your RFID blocking card protects you in such situations; it simply acts as a shield by scrambling RFID signals. One of these is powerful enough to safeguard all of the cards in your wallet. So you can party away without any worries.

#22 Alcohol Tester - €19,90

And that you do. What a night it has been. You go home to get a good night’s sleep, which lasts approximately three hours. Then it is time to wake up and attend lectures again. Ah, the joy. While you are dreading lectures more than ever, you remember that you have a handy device that you can use – a Digital Alcohol Tester. This little gadget has an alcohol sensor that helps test your breath. It works at lightning speed and displays results in a matter of seconds. You need this alcohol tester to use in cases like this, or even more before exams, as the results can be crucial. So, you breathe out and luckily (or not, if you really wanted to skip the day’s lectures) you are given the all clear.

So, there you have it. Although student life keeps trying to knock you down, you know you will always stay on top with the help of these must-have products. They not only make your life easier, but also more fun. In the age of the digital revolution, you feel like a mix between Inspector Gadget and a super-student on their way to change the world. These 22 products may not give you superpowers, but they will surely save your time and energy which you can then use for more important things, be it studying or partying. Actually, you have already proven you can do both. Super-student indeed!