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Alcohol Tester

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A digital alcohol tester is a necessary device for students who want to check the amount of alcohol they have consumed. It has a semiconductor alcohol sensor which works by testing your breath within a total of only 15 seconds and displaying the results in percentages. This alcohol tester is perfect to use after an exciting night out and especially before lectures and exams.

  • Breath tester
  • 0.00% – 0.19% BAC / 0.0 – 1.9 g/l detection range
  • 5 ~ 40℃ working temperature range
  • Quick response time
  • Alarm clock and timer

Customers reviews

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Really useful

Actually, I can't tolerate that much alcohol, which is why I hardly drink any. But last week at a party it had been too much vodka that I drank. A friend showed me the breathalyzer, which I tried. Since he showed 1.8 per mille, I then rather went by bus... To be well prepared for the next party, I have now bought the digital breathalyzer here in the store. He is small and handy and shows very quickly the result. So a must-have for every student party!


Echt abgefahren :-)))

Eigentlich hatte ich den Alkoholtester eher zum Spaß gekauft, aber heute Morgen kam ich ziemlich "früh" von der Party zurück und hatte eigentlich Vorlesung. Ich war allerdings noch ein wenig vom Whisky der letzten Nacht berauscht, weshalb ich dann doch mal einen Alkoholtest machte und als ich das Testergebnis sah, dann doch besser zu Hause blieb :-)