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Bicycle Lock

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Price €39.90

Product information

This keyless smart bicycle lock ensures maximum safety for your bike, scooter, or even door. It connects to your smart phone via Bluetooth and can be controlled by a mobile app. The bicycle lock activates an alarm when it detects a clipping, vibration or disassembly attempt, so your preferred method of transportation is practically ensured against theft.

  • Cabled bicycle lock
  • Shareable e-key
  • Mobile app
  • Compatible with iOS7.0 and Android 6.0 or above
  • 115dB Anti-theft alarm
  • Resettable password
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Waterproof
  • 3 x AAA alkaline batteries (not included)
  • 92 x 55 x 34mm
  • 0.37 kg
  • 80cm cable length
  • 12-month warranty

Customers reviews

 3 Reviews

4.7 of 5


Innovative product

I'm the kind of person who always loses my bike keys, and I always worry if I can lock or unlock my bicycle. But ever since I bought my bicycle lock, which has this modern and smart lock that connects to my smartphone, I no longer have any worries.


Tolles Fahrradschloss

Da ich kürzlich von meinen Eltern ein neues Fahrrad geschenkt bekam, welches sehr teuer war, musste nun auch ein neues Fahrradschloss her. Ich habe mich für das App-gebundene Fahrradschloss aus dem Must-Haves-Shop entschieden und habe meinen Kauf echt nicht bereut. Wenn man dem Fahrrad zu nahe kommt, gibt das Schloss ein lautstarkes Signal ab, wodurch jeder in der unmittelbaren Umgebung aufmerksam wird. Auch auf der App gibt es sofort eine Meldung. Lediglich die Lieferung hat ein paar Tage gedauert, was wohl der Pandemie geschuldet war.


Perfect solution

For a person like me who goes everywhere by bike this is one very handy tool. I was really searching for a solution after my bike got stolen. It really grabbed me that I am able to control via the mobile app, for which at first, I was skeptical about. I feel safe leaving my bike unattended now.