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Portable Speaker

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Price €14.90

Product information

This mini wireless Bluetooth speaker has all the power you need despite its size. With its amazing sound quality and LED light effects, it is sure to become the eyecatcher of any party. It pairs fast and easily with all devices with Bluetooth. An added bonus is that it supports hands-free calls, so it is safe to use even while driving. Its attractive design is just the icing on top of the cake – it plays your favorite music and looks fantastic.

  • Wireless speaker
  • High sound quality
  • LED light effects
  • 70 x 70 x 48 mm
  • 136 g
  • Rechargeable Li-Battery with 400mAh capacity
  • Frequency of 280 Hz
  • 16 kHz
  • FM radio
  • Charger included

Customers reviews

 2 Reviews

4.5 of 5


Excellent sound

A really great sound that the speakers emit. Even my neighbors, who used to complain about my style of music, don't say anything now. I am thrilled.


Tolle Leistung für das Geld

Ich wollte einen kleinen tragbaren Bluetooth-Lautsprecher, und als ich diesen sah, beschloss ich, ihn auszuprobieren. Ich kann sagen, dass er locker mit anderen Lautsprechern mithalten kann, der Klang ist großartig und die Lieder sind wirklich schön anzuhören.