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Writing Case with Tablet Bag

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Price €24.90

Product information

This premium quality leather writing case with ring binder and pen has a stylish design and a hard cover that ensures longevity. It is sturdy, but convenient to carry. On the already included 100 ring binder sheets you can make your first notes during your lectures. It transforms paying attention in lectures into an enjoyable activity. Covered in an attractive tablet bag it is robust and comfortable to carry.

  • Hardcover
  • PU leather
  • 100 pages
  • Recycled paper
  • Pen included
  • Metal ring binder function
  • Tablet bag included
  • 175 x 235mm
  • Brown color
  • Durable material

Customers reviews

 3 Reviews

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Very nice product

Thats a very nice case, i write my notes during my lectures and what i also really like is the tablet bag. Really, very convenient


Nicht nur eine Schreibledermappe, sondern ergänzt mit Tablet-Tasche

Super Teil! Nicht nur eine Schreibmappe aus echtem Leder, sondern auch noch geschützt in einer Tablet-Tasche. Habe ich echt noch nie gesehen in dieser Kombination!


highly recommend

I really like the design of this writing case, especially that it's covered in leather, and I'm very impressed that it comes with a tablet pouch to keep it even safer.