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Writing Tablet

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Price €9.90

Product information

This 8.5-inch portable electronic LCD writing tablet is the perfect gadget for making drafts, taking notes, drawing, sketching or playing games. It does not store any information and anything written down can be erased with one click. It can be used during lectures, in the library or at home.

  • 8.5 Inch
  • x 227 x 146 x 5 mm
  • LCD display
  • No memory function
  • One-click erase
  • 110g
  • CR2025 replaceable button cell battery
  • Stylus holder (stylus included)
  • Writing surface

Customers reviews

 2 Reviews

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I love my writing tablet because I can use it not only for writing, especially when I get bored at class and can draw on it or play my games wherever I go.


Tablet okay, jedoch für mich nicht ganz so passend

Kein schlechtes Tablet, funktioniert wie beschrieben, aber für mich nicht ganz so passend.