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Aachen is a city located in the west part of Germany and right on the border with Belgium and the Netherlands. With its rich history and reputation of one of Germany’s most innovative cities, Aachen unites tradition with progress. The city is also known as a spa town because of its natural thermal springs that were also the reason for Emperor Charlemagne to decide to build his palace in this particular place. The Emperor built other notorious buildings such as the Aachen Cathedral that later became also the place where he was buried after his death. Aachen is a fairly small city and this is why it is so easy to move around it using public transport that runs at high frequency. There are also night and weekend services, however most of the points around the city are within walking distances, which makes it also easier to cycle within. The geographical location of the westernmost city and its surrounding hills contribute to Aachen’s temperate climate. The latter consists of warm summers, mild winters and overall humid weather due to the heavy rainfall throughout the whole year. The city is quite multicultural with over 30,000 people being from other nationalities, a significant portion of whom are students. Based on that expats can be sure that not only German is being spoken here but also English and many other international languages.

Academic Year

Summer Semester: April – July / Winter Semester: October – February

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Living Costs

950 EUR


There are two universities established in Aachen : the University of Applied Sciences Aachen and the RWTH Aachen University. Aachen carries the reputation of one of Europe’s high-tech centers and therefore some of the most popular courses here are in the fields of Science, Engineering and Technology. The current number of student enrolled at RWTH Aachen is over 45,000 – figures that only underline the international reputation of the renowned institute. It is very easy for students to find accommodation in Aachen under various forms. There is a waiting list for housing provided by the particular university but it might take longer for one to get a spot. Apartments, rooms or studios are also frequently advertised online and can be rented individually or shared with other people.


Aachen might be small in size but it sure has a lot of activities to offer for those who would like to relax from time to time and during the weekends. To start there are many events organized by student communities in each university. They can be attended by everyone and are very useful as one gets to meet new people, practice their language skills or simply have fun. Alternatively, another option to meet up with other students would be the various sporting events organized by the universities’ Sport Centers. Nice sunny days can be enjoyed in the Westpark – a perfect place for picnics and barbecues. One might also take a walk along the highest hill in Aachen, the Lousberg where one will have the chance to enjoy a great view of the city. Most of the students like to also hang out on Pontstrasse as it is the food street of the city with a variety of restaurants, pubs, cafés and clubs. Last but not least, with Aachen having a long history of a spa town due to its hot springs, one must try out and relax in one of the city’s spa and wellness centers.


Throughout the academic year, students can seek for part-time jobs around campus or outside of it, whether one wants to earn some money or gain experience. For those who would like to plan in advance and look for career opportunities while studying, career centers are a good start. Students can seek for guidance and participate in seminars and career trainings or meet with different employers on a career event organized by the university itself. For those coming from outside of the EU/EEA or Switzerland and would like to continue with their lives and work in Aachen they must first make sure that all of their documents are meeting the requirements, in terms of work and residence permits. Some of the most common job vacancies are in the sphere of engineering, natural sciences, technology and research. Offers can be browsed in various ways but one of the fastest and easiest would be through the “Career” section on universitaet.com.