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Bayreuth lies in northern Bavaria and is the capital of Upper Franconia. The town is also world famous for its annual opera festival dedicated to Richard Wagner’s work. The festival celebrates the genius of Richard Wagner with performances of operas composed only by him. The composer had the idea of creating a special festival that will be dedicated solely to his work. Therefore, Bayreuth has established a long tradition that is followed every year during summer, known as the Bayreuth festival. Surrounded by beautiful nature with numerous parks, a historic downtown and the diversity of cultural activities Bayreuth offers the perfect environment for students. However, there is one thing that might not be so pleasant while living in Bayreuth namely the rain. All year round there is a significant rainfall, which is also the reason of the humid but warm climate in this region. The warmest months June, July and August are also the wettest throughout the year. In winter temperatures might fall to 0° but are unlikely to reach more than -3°. Public transport in Bayreuth is very accessible with buses circulating in a star-shaped network and has a late-night evening service for those who wish to go out after a long day of studying. Bayreuth Central Station offers railway services connecting the city with the North, East and South regions of Bavaria. Regardless of its medium size, the city is inhabited by nearly 74,000 people, of which over 10,000 are from outside of Germany. Consequently, the most spoken language in Bayreuth is German, and it is important for students who wish to live here to know at least some basic phrases and words as they will need them in their everyday lives. Language can be easily and quickly learnt once one has settled in the city through language courses or simply through communicating directly with the locals.

Academic Year

Summer Semester: April – September / Winter Semester: October – March

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Living Costs

800 EUR


Although there are only two universities in Bayreuth one of them is very internationally oriented, which seems to be the reason why University of Bayreuth appears so attractive to international and German students. With its six faculties the university has over 13,000 students that can choose from a variety of programs held entirely in English. The campus is located south of the city’s downtown and can be reached easily by foot. There are multiple options for accommodation as well. One can find a room in a dormitory through the local Student Affairs Association but only some students will be given the chance to live in such. Others who would like to rent a studio or share a flat with friends can try looking for one online or through some of the housing associations in the city.


Bayreuth encompasses pretty much the common notion of the life in Germany. Regardless of the established order in everything that runs around the city, there is a dose of charm in Bayreuth. The city might be not so big and easy to walk around by foot but there are many places to visit, and multiple activities to keep students distracted from their busy student lives. Surprisingly for its size, the city is home of different museums dedicated to art, music, royal history and even tobacco. The city is also famous for its beer as some say that the best beer in Germany can be found in Bavaria. Drinking is an essential part of the culture here and this can be seen in the various beer attractions around the city. Other activities involve festivals throughout summer months, hiking within the region of Bayreuth for the outdoor enthusiasts, enjoying a Bavarian breakfast in a traditional bistro and of course visiting one of the night clubs or a bar. Dance clubs, music venues, pubs or fancy cocktail bars – Bayreuth has it all. Many of those places come with affordable prices and are perfect for students on a budget who would still like to relax and have a good time every once in a while.


It is always useful to have an idea what are the career opportunities after graduating or even while still studying. Degrees obtained from the University of Bayreuth are internationally recognized but for those who fall in love with the city there are also plenty of job offers. The university itself seems to be one of the biggest employers in Bayreuth offering different academic careers. Other attractive jobs are offered by more than 8,000 firms established in the region of Bayreuth. There is a high demand in fields such as logistics, human resources or the automobile industry. English speakers also have a chance in finding a place to develop a career but a basic knowledge in German is always considered as an advantage. Searching for a job works the same way as it would in any other place around the world. There are multiple advertisements in newspapers or online that students can browse through and apply for whatever that suits their needs. Of course, users can try out the Career section on universitaet.com and view the listings for job offers in Bayreuth.