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Frankfurt is the fifth-largest city in Germany and the largest one in the state of Hesse. The metropolis is often referred to as the financial and trading capital of Germany since it is home to many commercial banks, the German stock exchange and the European Central Bank. With two of the highest skyscrapers in Europe and its position on the Main river, Frankfurt is sometimes referred to as ‘’Mainhattan’’ as it resembles very much the Manhattan city structure. Although it might seem a rather dynamic place due to its dimensions, Frankfurt can actually be very relaxing thanks to the many beautiful landscapes in and around the city, and the friendly warm people living there. Tradition and culture here are strongly preserved and depicted through the architecture of the city. Frankfurt’s cultural soul can be found in many museums and old buildings that have been rebuild and restored, since most of the old town was nearly destroyed during World War II. For travel within the city, Frankfurt has three main means of transportations: public buses, trams and two forms of rapid transit. Some of the transports run until quite early in the morning and can be perfect for party goers. Cycling is also possible due to the developed cycle routes and bikes for hire. Climate in Frankfurt is temperate oceanic to slightly continental with pleasantly warm summers and cold snowy winters. Here over 200,000 people are with foreign backgrounds, which makes the city rich in nationalities and immigrant populations. The official language of Frankfurt is German. Most of the people there speak a specific dialect called Frankfurterisch. English is the second most common language and some might find their way living in Frankfurt without having to learn the local language, although outside of the city center it might be more difficult to manage only in English.

Academic Year

Summer Semester: April – September / Winter Semester: October – March

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Living Costs

950 – 1000 EUR


There are many factors as to why students are so attracted to studying in Frankfurt, ranging from the benefits of the city itself to the number of experienced and renowned professors that students will have the chance to be taught by. There are eight higher education institutes in Frankfurt am Main, plus a branch of the International School of Management. International students are welcomed by universities here and will easily find their way in studying even if they do not speak German. Many of the educational institutions here offer courses taught either entirely in English or bilingual programs where some courses will be taught in German and other in English or other languages. Depending on the university, popular disciplines might vary. For example, degrees in Architecture, Computer Science, Civil Engineering, Business Administration and others are among the most preferred by students going to Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, Goethe University Frankfurt or Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. The latter three are also believed to be the top universities in the metropolis. When it comes to finding accommodation in Frankfurt can be somewhat expensive. Therefore, most of the student prefer to go for student housing, sharing an apartment with others, or renting something outside of the city center. International students can try to secure a place through the student organization running in the city, however since there are too many applicants, chances of being selected are very slim.


In reality Frankfurt is actually a very compact city where most of the things are within an hour walking distance or a short bike ride. Most of the people come here because of the job opportunities but later find out how truly stunning and vivid the city is. Apart from the touristic attractions there are also many other activities people can choose from on daily basis. Frankfurt is also known for its techno music culture with venues like Cocoon Club and Tanzhaus West where people can enjoy a night out with friends. Of course, there are many other clubs and bars for those who prefer other types of music such as Club Voltaire or enjoy a quieter evening walking down Berger Strasse, a long street with a variety of bars and restaurants. There are also many other outdoor activities in and around Frankfurt, such as hiking in the Taunus mountain range, taking a stroll through the Palmengarten where students from the nearby university can also get in for free or enjoy a day or night view over the city from the Main Tower, the highest viewpoint in Frankfurt. The local cuisine revolves around few dishes and a drink that are worth trying. The most famous drink here is not beer but apple cider called Apfelwein that goes very well with a Frankfurter Würstchen, which is another specialty made out of pork sausages. A must try is also one of Goethe’s favorites, the Grüne Soße, a green sauce that can be served with potatoes, boiled eggs or sometimes meat, it is made out of herbs, eggs and either sour cream, yoghurt or mayonnaise.


Due to the established reputation of Frankfurt as a leader in the financial sector, most of the students or expats in general are attracted mainly because of the numerous career opportunities in this sector. There are many options here even for English speakers namely because of the internationality of the city and the number of foreigners living here. Some of the best job offers are of course in the fields of banking, IT or any finance-related sphere. Most of the major employers, however, do appreciate knowledge of the German language; it is considered as a serious advantage amongst candidates. Job offers can be looked up through the Career section on universitaet.com. Working a student job while studying is available to both local and international students, although certain rules might apply. For instance, students are allowed to work no more than 15 hours per week during lecture periods. The most sought-after jobs are related with the university’s facilities itself like working in the library or in the shops in the campus.