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Located in the state of Hesse, west-central Germany, Giessen is a green city with charming scenic spots carrying a world-recognized reputation in regards to the higher educational institutes here. Divided in two parts by the Lahn river, the city offers plenty of places where students can relax and unwind after a long day at the university. With a rich history influenced mainly by science, Giessen is proud to have the first mathematics museum in the world and also this is the place where famous chemist Justus von Liebig used to work as a professor at the University of Giessen, that is nowadays carrying his name. The temperate maritime climate is typical for this region with warm but sometimes rainy summer days and cold, dry winters. Traveling within Giessen is very easy due to the excellent public transport system comprising only of buses that circulate frequently. Giessen is well located with other cities in the state of Hesse, and traveling to cities like Frankfurt am Main or Wiesbaden will take no more than an hour with a train.

Academic Year

Summer Semester: April – September / Winter Semester: October – March

Official Language


Higher Education Institutions




Living Costs

600 – 700 EUR


Giessen is home to three higher education institutes – the Mittelhessen University of Applied Sciences, the Free Theological Academy, and the Justus Liebig University Giessen. The latter is among the oldest universities in Germany and is dedicated mostly to studies in the fields of life science and cultural studies. Along with the other two institutes, the university covers a much broader spectrum, with courses in Dentistry, Law, Engineering, and others. The international orientation of all three institutes is quite broad, including exchange programs and collaboration projects with other universities across the world. Foreign students can also find courses taught entirely in English at Master’s level or taught partially in English at Bachelor’s level. The decision of studying abroad is sometimes hard on its own and on it comes with great responsibility and challenges. Questions concerning the accommodation where a student will live for quite a long time are very common especially among foreign students. As in any other city the student organization, Studentenwerk is here to help with the application process and research for a room or a flat. Living in a student residence comes with a lot of benefits such as rooms being furnished or bills being included in the rent; however the availability tends to run out quickly due to the volume of the applicants. Therefore, students might need to look out also for renting an apartment in the private housing market.


It is hard to stay focused solely on studies and exams, besides what a better way to celebrate passing one than partying with friends. Do not judge Giessen only by its looks as it has a lot of cultural activities going on especially during summertime. Although this is a university town, the there are only few clubs around the city, which is why parties are hosted almost every night by students in their residence halls. This way partygoers cannot only save money on expensive drinks and entry fees but also get much more interaction and meet new people. Probably the most common outdoor activities in Giessen are the sports ones, like the inline skating night taking place every Tuesday Night but only between May and August, or climbing through the Kletterwald adventure park. The city also enjoys a lot of festivals, fairs and street markets where students can dive into the German culture by tasting traditional dishes and brews. If someone ever gets bored around here they can always travel easily to Frankfurt am Main, as it is only 50 kilometers away from Giessen.


Working while studying is permitted to all students with minor restrictions in terms of the working hours, as they have to be no more than 20 per week. Employment at either university is available with job roles within the international office, the library or as an assistant. Students can also find a part-time job around Giessen in bars, shops, restaurants or whatever opportunities are out there, as long as they have all documents required in terms of working permits. As for their future, students can rely on their degrees to be recognized internationally if they wish to pursue a career outside of Germany. Throughout the course of their studies, students will get multiple opportunities to engage in workshops and trainings focused on developing or improving interview skills and prepare students for the application process. Furthermore, every year the Career offices at both institutes are organizing career events where students will get the chance to interact with companies seeking out young professionals who might later on become their employees. Job offers can be viewed in the “Career” section on universitaet.com.