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This little university city is located in the Lower Saxony, central Germany with the river Leine running through it. The historic old town of the city is home to many landmarks with the most popular being the Gänseliesel fountain located in front of the mediaeval town hall. The statue depicts a little girl with two gooses on her sides and it is a tradition for every students who graduates to climb and kiss the statue. Göttingen is also known for its many festivals celebrating music, theatre and literature. The friendly and vibrant atmosphere make this city the perfect place for young adults going after excellent quality education and high living standards. The weather here is somewhat different than other regions in Lower Saxony, classifying as warm and humid continental climate. The public transport in Göttingen is represented solely by buses connecting different parts of the city and are travelling even to the outskirts. A great thing for students is that from Friday to Sunday there are night buses operating until 4 am. Because this is a university town a large part of the students here are foreigners, which contributes to the multicultural diversity of the young society in Göttingen.

Academic Year

Summer Semester: April – September / Winter Semester: October – March

Official Language


Higher Education Institutions




Living Costs

750 EUR


The Georg-August-University of Göttingen and PFH Private University of Applied Sciences are the only universities in Göttingen. Both institutes are focusing on providing high quality teaching and training with a rich variety of degree courses in the fields of Humanities, Natural Sciences, Medicine, Business and many others. One of the prevailing principles for the two universities is to provide their students not only with knowledge but also with practical experience throughout their training. International students are highly appreciated here and therefore both the public and the private university have implemented courses taught in English for that purpose. The accommodation market here in Gottingen comes with rooms and flats at a reasonable price unlike other bigger cities in Germany. The Student Union can provide has a bit over 4,000 places on offer across the city and newcomers can apply for those by singing their name in the waiting list without the obligation to have signed for a course. As an alternative for those who have not had the chance to secure themselves with a room in a student residence hall, they can search for options on the private housing market.


In Gottingen everything is very well organized and as in the rest of Germany the quality of life is of high standard. Not only students but also foreigners with families can easily start from scratch here and with the help of locals and the multicultural community established in the city adapt faster to the new environment. There are plenty of cultural activities around here and during summer people can engage in various outdoor sports, attend festivals and fairs or gather at one of the green parks and enjoy the hot sunny days. The most popular event for students is the DIES sports festival organized by the Georg-August University where tutors and students compete with each other in different disciplines. Performing arts are also quite popular around Gottingen, with Symphonic Orchestra or the Deutsches Theater being often visited by students and local inhabitants. Partygoers can enjoy a night out at one of the dance clubs or have a drink in a cocktail bar. Students can also explore other options such as salsa nights, live jazz music or a traditional bar with a cellar full of different types of beer.


Liaisons between students and the career world are being established throughout the very course of their studies. Each university has established a Career office that is in charge of guiding and helping students with their career choices and application process. Furthermore, those offices are also organizing several career events throughout the year where students are presented with the opportunity to communicate directly with the representatives from a company of their interest. Graduates from either university can proceed with their career paths abroad as well, since all degrees obtained at the two universities are recognized worldwide. Students can find different job roles depending on their qualifications and the set of practical skills they possess upon applying. Many prefer to start with an internship while they are still studying in order to not only get a better insight of a real-life working environment but also to show their potential and establish connections with the company itself. This way students get a better chance in landing a job after their studies as they can simply change from an intern to employee. Job offers available in Göttingen can be researched with the help of the “Career” section on universitaet.com.