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Greifswald is a small university city located in the Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania state in northeast of Germany. It lies on the coast of the Baltic Sea with easy access to two of the largest islands in the country, Usedom and Rugen. Furthermore the city is at a close distance to bigger cities like Berlin and Hamburg in inner Germany as well. The Hanseatic town is undoubtedly more beautiful during summer, since the beautiful buildings in the downtown stand out because of their vibrant colors creating a lovely colorful atmosphere. Being located on the coast of the Baltic Sea, Greifswald has a temperate climate with warm but sometimes humid summer months and cold windy winter days. Public transport is well organized with buses connecting all districts of the city, however due to the small size of the city many inhabitants tend to rely on cycling as a mean of transportation around here. Being a university town many foreign students choose Greifswald as their study destination. Thus the diversity of the multicultural community established in the city has grown significantly in recent years.

Academic Year

Summer Semester: April – September / Winter Semester: October – March

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Higher Education Institutions




Living Costs

700 EUR


Ernst-Moritz-Arndt University Greifswald is the only higher education institute in Greifswald with five faculties spread across the city. The university has a strong focus on research and is working closely with many research partners on international level. Among the top priorities of the Greifswald University is to provide excellent teaching with a vast array of study programs and modern equipment. In addition some of the degree courses are also interdisciplinary allowing students to obtain knowledge in different fields simultaneously and develop a diverse set of practical skills. Internationalization is an important part of the development of the university and therefore foreign students from across the world are more than welcome here being also provided with the opportunity to take modules taught in English. When choosing a destination abroad for their studies, students might encounter many challenges, one of them being the hunt for accommodation. Applying for a room in a student hall is done through the Student Service organization and the process itself requires patience as sometimes it might take longer for them to respond. Since a lot of students tend to choose this option as their first resort the rooms might get booked quite fast. Alternatively, students can go for searching rooms on the private housing market or go for the so called CouchSurfing and find something to share with other people.


Much of the lifestyle around here is shaped by the student population with festivals and initiatives organized by the university or students themselves. There are several nightclubs around Greifswald and five student clubs organizing different parties all gathering together mostly people from the university. Of course there are also many bars and pubs around the city for those who prefer a quieter night out with friends. Other alternatives are movie nights or outdoor sports activities also organized by the student clubs mentioned above.


The first steps in the professional world for every individual after graduation seem to be the most frightening. Establishing a career requires a lot of patience and a dash of luck that will eventually result in a successful job experience. Graduates from the University of Greifswald can benefit from many things such as the professional qualification that they will receive and the globally recognized diplomas. Throughout their studies, students can also seek help and guidance from the Career Advice office located in the university. Experienced professionals are there to help with the application process and with the research for the job role that will suit them best. In order to enhance their chances it is recommendable for students to participate in internships and attend career events where they will have the chance to interact directly with representatives from different companies. An internship is also a great opportunity for them to get a better insight in a real working environment and learn from professionals. For different job offers students can view the “Career” section on universitaet.com.