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Halle an der Saale lies in the Saxony-Anhalt state located in the southern part of Germany being the largest city in this region. The second part of its name comes from the river Saale that runs through the city. Halle is mostly famous for its university scene, however it also boasts many cultural buildings with medieval architecture like the Giebichenstein castle or the museums that give the city a rather historical atmosphere. Strolling down the narrow streets of this quaint city one can admire the numerous green areas, popular landmarks or just sit on one of the benches on August-Bebel-Platz and watch the passersby. The weather in Halle during summer months is warm but not too hot and might have few rainy days since the months between May and August are the wettest ones throughout the year. Winters here are cold and dry and snow can be seen throughout most of the months. Halle is a small town where everything is within walking distance and the most common means of transportation are bikes. Those who wish to use the public transport can do that by hopping on a bus or a tram and reach all spots of the city fast and at a low cost.

Academic Year

Summer Semester: April – September / Winter Semester: October – March

Official Language


Higher Education Institutions




Living Costs

850 EUR


Halle is famous for being a university town as it has three higher education institutes providing high quality teaching that combined with the vivid cultural life and the low rental costs make the city an ideal place for students. The Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU) is one of the oldest research-oriented universities in the country. The other two institutes are the Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle and the Protestant University of Sacred Music, with the latter being a private institute. The MLU offers a wide range of degree programs in both German and English languages. International students are an important asset to Halle as they are contributing to the development of the multicultural society established here. With their help newcomers from all over the world can adapt faster to the new environment and get help with making new friends or even finding an accommodation. As it is very important for students to feel comfortable throughout their studies, Student Administration offices in each university are there to help with housing research for everyone who needs guidance. Alternatively, students search for rooms or flats through the private housing market in Halle on their own initiative.


The overall atmosphere in Halle is very relaxed and friendly with a lot of student presence involved. This contributes to the variety of the cultural and outdoor activities taking place throughout the year and mostly during the summertime. Many student organizations established here organize sports and entertainment events or even action groups where everyone studying in Halle can be actively involved. Popular meeting spot for inhabitants and young people is the Peissnitz Island where lots of sporting activities, gatherings for barbeque and picnic or meetings with friends take place. Nightlife here is definitely cheap offering dance clubs, live music events and cocktail bars where students loosen up. During winter students can also enjoy a selection of indoor activities such as going to the movies, attending a play or an opera, relaxing in an indoor pool, or even creating their own sweets at the Halloren Chocolate Factory. Those who get bored from all of the entertainment that Halle has to offer can easily travel to bigger cities like Leipzig that is just 20 minutes away with a train.


Depending on their choice of university students here can end up working in various fields such as design, arts and music, accounting, business administration, science and many others. Establishing a successful career is an important part of any student’s life and therefore providing the right guidance is among the top priorities of each university. This is why it is recommendable for every student to interact with the Career Center in their campus and attend the recruitment events organized throughout the year. Another opportunity for young adults to enhance their knowledge of the working environment is to take part in internships or workshops that will help them establish contacts with a particular company. Since diplomas obtained from German universities are globally recognized, those who wish to seek jobs abroad might face severe competition. Therefore, it is important for students to prepare as much as possible for the interviews and have a clear idea of the path they wish to pursue after graduation. Furthermore, students can view job offers in the “Career” section on universitaet.com.