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Located on the coast of the North Sea, in the northern part of Germany, Hamburg is the second largest city in the country with over 1.8 million people living there. This beautiful port city is very popular with its economic importance and diverse multicultural lifestyle. Although to some Hamburg might seem as a busy metropolis filled with large modern buildings, the river Elbe that flows through the city and the Alster lake right in the middle of it create a feeling of freedom and a relaxing atmosphere. The city has some historical sites as well like the town hall, the St. Michaelis church or some of the small pedestrian streets that have preserved the old architectural style. One of the most interesting things about the Hanseatic city is that it was actually the place from where The Beatles got their big break and changed their career as they used to perform here much more than they did in Liverpool. The weather in Hamburg is somewhat unpredictable as one minute it could be sunny and the next it could get extremely cloudy. People here often joke that there is no bad weather but rather bad choice of clothing. Because of its location on the coast of the sea, the climate here is considered as oceanic with warm summers and cool winters. The public transport network here comprises of buses, trams, and rapid rail services with routes spread across the city and its outskirts. Traveling by water with a ferry and train is also available for those who wish to explore the rest of the country. Due to the high living standards a lot of foreigners choose Hamburg as a city where they can start a new life. Furthermore, the variety of higher educational institutes here attracts even more international students every year. Having this in mind the demographics structure in Hamburg is quite diverse in a multicultural aspect. Apart from German, many other languages can be heard around the city, with English being the predominant one.

Academic Year

Summer Semester: March – August / Winter Semester: October – February

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Living Costs

800 – 1000 EUR


Being the second largest city in Germany, Hamburg completely justifies the expectations of the exceptional quality standards in terms of higher education. With a range of 16 higher education institutes including universities, colleges, academies and a conservatory, the city is an ideal place for students who wish to study in a constantly growing metropolis with multiple opportunities. The largest university in Hamburg is undoubtedly the University of Hamburg with over 40,000 enrolled students and eight faculties. Students can choose from a range of degree courses in many different fields such as Business, Science, Architecture, Engineering, Art and Music, Languages and many more. Some universities focus more on practical training including workshops while others are more oriented towards scientific research. However, students have enough choices and can go for whatever institute meets the most of their expectations. Internationalization is promoted not only by the higher education institutes around Hamburg but also by the city itself. Everyone is welcome to step into the German world and embark on a journey that will bring them not only academic but also cultural knowledge. International students from all over the world can come on an exchange program or for the full duration of a study program and even benefit from taking courses taught explicitly in English with their number steadily increasing in the past years. Finding an accommodation in Hamburg might turn out as a challenge regardless of the size of the city. Usually everyone will first try to find a room in a student residence, however sometimes those might be booked quickly. Therefore, a research of the private housing market is also an alternative be it in a shared or independent apartment.


Upon exploring Hamburg, one might notice that locals here are cold at first but once you get to know them, they tend to be very nice and helpful. There is a very unusual blend of a modern-day busy big-city environment and the one of a small city with a laid-back atmosphere. There are plenty of activities students can choose from, ranging from a vibrant nightlife through a quiet cultural evening at the opera to sports activities for those who desperately need an adrenaline boost. In addition to all of those Hamburg has a delightful nature that can be admired in the green parks and gardens or through activities like cycling or jogging for example around the Alster lake. Since the river Elbe runs through Hamburg, the city has its own beach with popular beach bars where students can relax, sunbathe or play sports with friends. In terms of the nightlife, there is always something going on around the city as it is famous for cherishing music and creative individuals. Therefore, students can enjoy different entertainment every night such as going to a dance club, listening to some of the local artists playing live music or have a quieter night at some of the bars and pubs along the harbor. Summer is the time for festivals and fairs, but students can also have fun during winter by going ice-skating for instance. Regular everyday activities such as shopping are also available to students who are prone to keeping up with the fashion trends in some of the shopping centers around Hamburg. Those who wish to find out if hamburgers really originated from Hamburg can do so in some of the many restaurants around the downtown or the port where they can also taste other traditional and international dishes.


Finding the right path after graduation requires a detailed plan, knowledge of the labor market and patience. Some students might find it difficult to tackle with all three of them and this is where help and guidance can be sought from the Career Centers across the different university campuses. To enhance even more the knowledge of the working environment students can engage in different workshops and training courses, attend career fairs or participate in internships and exchange programs. This will give them the opportunity to gain either a better insight or first-hand experience that can be beneficial in terms of establishing connections with employers. Although diplomas obtained from a German university are internationally recognized students who wish to pursue a career in Hamburg have a lot of opportunities ahead of them. The city is an important economical center in the country and apart from the maritime industry, many companies are running their businesses from here with mass productions in the automotive, bio-technological and aviation industries. Other interesting industries that are of a vital importance to the overall economy are the creative one, media and IT and logistics. All of them are seeking qualified professionals and students with degrees from any of the universities here can apply without a doubt for as many job offers as they wish. Furthermore, work opportunities can be viewed also in the “Career” section on universitaet.com.