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Klagenfurt is a city located in the south part of Austria, and the capital of the Austrian state of Carinthia. Its total area equals to 120.12 km2 and currently, there are more than 100,000 people living, studying or working in the city of Klagenfurt. However, about twenty percent of the inhabitants come from other European destinations, including Germany, Croatia, and Slovakia. The official language spoken in the city is German, but many people do speak Slovak and English, too. The climate is continental with cold and windy winter and warm summer. In January and February, temperatures in the city are between -4 and -1°C while in July and August temperatures go up to 23-25°C. Austria is an amazing country with excellent public transportation network and the city of Klagenfurt is not an exception. Several buses and the railway connect each part of the city with the city center. Moreover, since the city of Klagenfurt is located in the heart of Europe, there are many possibilities to visit other beautiful countries around. Traveling by train is considered the most convenient and fast way to visit other Austrian cities and neighboring countries. For example, it takes only four hours to go from Klagenfurt to Munich in Germany by train. For less than six hours, students from Klagenfurt can visit the amazing Florence in Italy. The Austrian capital – Vienna, is based only two hours away from Klagenfurt and might be the ideal weekend getaway destination for the travel aficionados living in the city.

Academic Year

Summer Semester: February– June / Winter Semester: October – February

Official Language


Higher Education Institutions




Living Costs

900 – 1100 EUR


Besides the many possibilities to visit other countries easily from there, the city of Klagenfurt can also provide an excellent level of higher education. Founded in 1950, the University of Klagenfurt ranks among the 150 “best young" university worldwide in the QS World University Rankings. The university offers a wide choice of degree programs in addition to continuing education options and is currently home to more than 12,000 students from all around the world. In fact, more than fifteen percent of all the enrolled student at the University of Klagenfurt are internationals from over a hundred different countries, including countries outside of Europe. The higher education institution attracts them all with modern teaching methods and over fifty different degree courses available. Students can choose between courses in areas such as business and economics, social sciences, technical sciences, and education. Apart from choosing the right degree course, the next most important decision students need to make is where they are going to live. Student accommodation is, in fact, a delicate topic and students usually try to find the ideal balance between quality and price. In Klagenfurt, prospective students can choose between living in student halls of residence, also known as student dormitories, and finding a place to live themselves, such as a room in a shared flat, or a studio. However, the cheapest option is to live in a dormitory. In the city of Klagenfurt, there are several student dormitories available to locals students and they are all different in terms of size, type of rooms and prices as well. Usually, per month, a student can expect to pay between 250 and 370 EUR. Meanwhile, private accommodation costs a little more and renting a single room in a shared flat close to the city center will be between 300 and 500 EUR per month.


The quality of education a university offers is important to every prospective student, but university life is not only about studying hard and no fun at all. In fact, Klagenfurt offers students the opportunity to do things they would really enjoy. They can swim in the summer, hire boats to sail and play beach volleyball – Strandbad Klagenfurt is the place which makes all of this is possible. It can easily become everyone’s favorite spot in the city. In addition to the beautiful nature that Klagenfurt offers, students will not be disappointed with the nightlife there, either. There is a place that students visit every Wednesday in order to attend a great party – Speki Bar Klagenfurt brings all the local students together. Fair prices, ideal location, and a really good atmosphere are everything students need to spend an amazing night out with friends.


The city of Klagenfurt not only provides an excellent level of education but also good career opportunities. The economy of the city is mainly focused on tourism, industry, and technology. In reality, many students from local universities decide to do their internship placements in the company CISC Semiconductor, which operates in the technology sector and is situated in the city. Another local employer who is considered to be among the biggest ones is the manufacturing company CMS Electronics. It actually provides employment opportunities to both students, graduates and skilled workers. However, graduates from universities in Klagenfurt can always relocate to bigger cities within Austria, such as Vienna for example, where they will have even more opportunities in terms of career growth.