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Bavaria is most certainly proud to be the home of this beautiful city so rich in contrasts – Munich. As a capital of Bavaria and most populous city in this region, Munich is also the third-largest city in Germany with a population of over 1.4 million people. The city boasts a beautiful medieval architecture in the old town intertwined with modern skyscrapers in the northern part, continuing the pattern of the harmony between the contemporary and the traditional established in the majority of the bigger cities across Germany. Oktoberfest is one of the first associations that come to mind when speaking about Munich but the city has actually a lot more to offer with its eccentric atmosphere and fascinating cultural and historical heritage. What makes this place ideal for students is diversity; landmarks and museums showcasing the rich historical heritage of the city, the abundance of cultural activities, the surrounding natural sights and the renowned universities are only few of the obvious reasons why life in Munich is often described as high-quality. The climate in Munich is mostly oceanic and might sometimes show features of the humid continental one. Summers here are usually warm to hot with average temperatures of around 25 ᵒC, with the warmest month being July. Winters here on the other hand are relatively cold with temperatures dropping below 0 ᵒC, however snow can be barely seen here. Munich has one of the most efficient and well-developed public transport networks allowing people to travel fast and with ease within the city. U-Bahn, S-Bahn, buses and trams circulate as far as the urban area of Munich, allowing over 2.5 million in total to commute between their homes and their places of work every day. Meeting new people here and making friends happens almost every day as people here are quite nice and friendly. More than 400,000 people living here are with foreign nationals, which means that international students will be able to quickly adapt to the new environment and find comfort in the company of others with the same background. Although, knowledge of the German language will be highly appreciated by the locals and needed in the everyday life, other languages such as English, Russian, Italian and many others are spoken across Munich as well.

Academic Year

Summer Semester: April – July / Winter Semester: October – February

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Living Costs

1000 – 1100 EUR


Munich has over 10 higher educational institutes ranked among the top universities worldwide. More than 130,000 German and international students come for their studies in one of the renowned institutes every year. The most attended university and also a leading research institute in Europe is the Ludwig Maximilian University (LMU) with over 50,000 students enrolled for the past year. The LMU offers around 150 degree courses taught by renowned professors across 18 different campuses. Programs here cover a broad spectrum of fields such as Humanities, Law, Economics and Social Sciences, Natural Sciences and Medicine. Furthermore, the university’s research profile is strongly focusing on coming up with new ideas and innovative strategies in the projects research centers are involved in. Other popular universities in Munich are the Technical University and the University of Applied Sciences, which provide study opportunities in the fields of Natural Sciences, Engineering, Mathematics, Geoinformatics and other. It is necessary for new arrivals to find a place to live and it is a good idea to start searching for housing options as early as possible. Although Munich is a big city the availability of rooms and flats might be limited towards the beginning of the semester. Many students prefer to stay at a student residence hall because of the opportunity to spend more time with their coevals, attend more frequently parties and of course the price. A single room in a shared flat can cost between 218 EUR and 433 EUR depending on the student residence. Other options include studio apartments, single room in apartment, couple apartment or a family flat. Some might choose to rent a place on their own via the private housing market. Usually the search and application processes are being done online, however looking for a room or apartment once already in Munich is also an option.


Living in Munich is exciting and very diverse since there is always something different going on attracting not only locals but also people from other cities or even other countries. Leisure activities most certainly do not boil down solely to the famous Oktoberfest attended by thousands of people each year. It is indeed a fun festival that everyone living in Munich should visit at least once in order to taste not only the traditional food and brews but also the true German culture and perception of fun. However, there are many other cultural activities one can choose from, for example going to a theatrical play, especially because there are performances played aimed specifically at expats. Cinema is also highly appreciated here with festivals celebrating the art of cinematography or open-air movie nights with films shown in their original versions. Traditional fairs and events such as the Christmas markets, beer festivals or the Auer Dult taking place three times a year on the Mariahilfplatz, are a perfect way for expats to get familiar with the local culture and meet new people. Entertainment happens also at night with a diverse club and bar scene where students often head to in order to get their minds away from all of their responsibilities related with the university. Legendary nightclubs host major parties will all types of music suitable for every taste and mood. Clubs are not the only popular venues where students can get together with their friends, bars and pubs are in even bigger abundance across Munich offering relaxed atmosphere, live music performances and fancy cocktails. For those who prefer other ways of clearing their heads and having a breath of fresh air, the numerous beautiful parks are the ideal place for a walk in the sunny days. Munich also offers a lot of sports facilities with indoor and outdoor swimming pools, modern gyms and soccer fields where everyone who loves to stay active can go and practice their favorite sport. Last but not least, student can save a lot of money by presenting their student cards entitling them to a lot of discounts and great offers.


Choosing the right career path can be quite challenging for some since nowadays there are so many opportunities around the world accompanied with equally big competition. It is important for students to devote as much times as possible into the job-hunting process and create a clear plan to follow along the journey of finding the right profession. Undoubtedly, the best advice in this field can be received from experienced professionals, and this is why all students often take part in internships in large companies and attend career events organized frequently by the Career Offices at the respective university campus. The latter is responsible for guiding students through their decision-making and job application process. Although it is true that graduates can seek to pursue a career outside of Germany, it is also worth reconsidering all of the career opportunities a big city like Munich can offer. The city has a very strong economy and very well-developed industries such as the media, financial and manufacturing ones. Many big enterprises like Siemens, BMW, Allianz, Linde AG and more have established their headquarters in Munich and constantly employ young qualified professionals. The unemployment rate here is probably the lowest one in all Germany with only 3% as per last calculations. Due to the diverse multicultural society there are more and more opportunities for English speakers in different fields.