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Austria is one of those countries that lie in the center of Europe. The total area of Austria is almost 84,000 km2 but 75% of the country’s territory is covered by mountains. The mountainous country of Austria does not border with the sea, but it shares borders with another eight countries, including Italy, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Slovakia, Hungary, as well as Germany and the Czech Republic. Currently, Austria’s population is exceeding eight million, with almost two million people living in the capital, Vienna, alone. All Austrian inhabitants can enjoy the green views and snow-capped mountains in the country, which happen to be a heaven for all skiers in the winter. Moreover, Austria has lots of natural and artificial lakes. The second largest river in Europe, the Danube River, crosses the country too.

Austria is part of the European Union since 1995 and four years later the country accepts the Euro as its official currency. With a strong and stable economy, high standard of living and an unemployment rate under 5 %, Austria ranks among the top European country to live in. Being the birthplace of one of the most famous musicians, i.e. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Austria is a country that offers a vibrant atmosphere and rich culture. Austria is a small country, but thanks to that people can travel all over the country without wasting too much time. At the same time, Austria has a wonderful public transport system that allows everyone to visit one of the eight neighbor countries within only a couple of hours by train.

In Austria, people can enjoy all the beautiful cathedrals, museums and churches, as well as the overall amazing architecture across the country. There is no doubt that the opportunities are endless for every person, no matter the taste, to find something to love about the country of Austria.

Academic Year

September – June / October – July

Official Language


Higher Education Institutions

total of 60 (40 public and 20 private universities)



Living Costs

1, 000 – 1, 100 Euros per month