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Archaeological Sciences, B.A.

University of Bamberg

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Archaeological Sciences, B.A.

University: University of Bamberg

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6 Semester

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100 € / Year


Archaeology is the study of material remains of the past, like architecture and artifacts, which help trace back human activity in its context of culture, religion, economy and history. The main aim of Archaeology is to gather as much information of possible about the past and our ancestors’ habits, traditions, beliefs, diets, clothes and the way they lived, and analyze it to understand its significance and historic value. A degree course in Archaeology typically teaches subjects like History, Human Osteology, Classical Mythology, Art and Architecture, Ancient Cultures, Ancient Civilizations, Human Evolution, World Prehistory, Ancient and Medieval Worlds, Ethnography, and more. Due to the practical nature of Archaeology, students are provided with many opportunities for fieldwork in order to apply the acquired theoretical knowledge and develop some of the most valuable skills in the sector like critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, the ability to work in teams, collect and analyze data, and construct and present arguments. Archaeology graduates have a variety of career prospects. Apart from archaeologists, they can choose to work as archaeological field technicians, project managers, cultural resources managers, cultural researchers, crew leaders, environmental planners and more.

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For this program, a general higher education or university of applied sciences entrance qualification is required. Knowledge of German Language.