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Business Mathematics, M.Sc.

University of Bayreuth

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Business Mathematics, M.Sc.

University: University of Bayreuth

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4 Semester

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120 € / Year


Mathematics has a role in many aspects of life, including business. Business Mathematics focuses on using mathematical concepts within organizations to record and manage business operations. In general, mathematics is at the basis of accounting, finance, sales and inventory management. The most common branches of mathematics used commercially are arithmetic, algebra, statistics, and probability theory. Through the use of arithmetic operations, commercial organizations can improve the management of their financial resources. Business Mathematics programs teach a variety of subjects like Accounting, Data Analysis, Economics, Business Law, Marketing, Linear Algebra, Managing Organizations, Entrepreneurship, Calculus and others. Business Mathematics degree courses give students the opportunity to gain in-depth theoretical knowledge and understanding of various mathematical concepts, and apply it in practice in order to develop valuable professional skills like critical-thinking, analysis, presentation, problem-solving, sales forecasting, inventory management, decision-making, as well as data gathering and processing skills. Business Mathematics graduates can pursue a number of careers in different sectors, like accounting, business consultancy, investment analysis, data science, logistics, software engineering, education, information technology, environmental management, health, marketing, media, research and many others.

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For this program, a specific bachelor´s degree is required. Knowledge of German Language.