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Business Psychology, B.Sc.

University: EBC University of Applied Sciences

Visit website: https://www.ebc-hochschule.de/

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6 Semester

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The “Bachelor of Science in Business Psychology’’ study program is a full-time course with a duration of six semesters offered at the EBC University of Applies Sciences. This study program is ideal for students who are expressing interest in the fields of human resources, media, organizational or health psychology, and management consultancies. Students who are interested in this study program should expect to learn more about people’s behaviour in a business environment. Throughout the course participants will explore the essential methods used in business psychology such as coaching and communication techniques that focus on peoples’ motives, behaviour, and the influences on their mental health. The course content will allow students to get a better insight in the basic subjects of psychology (e.g. social, general, organizational, consumer and media psychology). A degree in Business Psychology will give graduates the opportunity to pursue a career across different industries such as HR, marketing, advertisement, consulting, as well as freelance work as a trainer or coach.

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