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Childhood Education & Management, B.A.

EBC University of Applied Sciences

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Childhood Education & Management, B.A.

University: EBC University of Applied Sciences

Visit website: https://www.ebc-hochschule.de/

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4/6 Semester

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The “Bachelor of Arts in Childhood Education & Management’’ program offered at the EBC University of Applied Sciences is with a full-time duration and can be studied in either four or six semesters. This study program provides knowledge and training both in education and management and strives to prepare students for their future careers as modern educational managers. Throughout their studies, participants will learn the core pedagogical principles while acquiring special management skills that will enable them to act responsibly while taking care of children and employees. Graduates from this course will be able to engage in different job roles related to management of day-cares, family counselling, school social work, any pedagogical activities in different institutions, youth welfare, and others.

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