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Clinical Social Work, M.A.

University: Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences Berlin

Visit website: https://www.ash-berlin.eu

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6 Semester

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Part-time studies; Extra-occupational studies


1425 € / Year


The Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences Berlin offers the six-semester Master’s program “Master of Arts in Clinical Social Work”. This part-time program is particularly suitable for students who have the ability to provide psychosocial advice, care and treatment, as well as for those that want to specialize against the background of increasing isolation and exclusion of marginalized people. Thus, this program is provided in a cooperation with the Coburg University of Applied Sciences and it is provided to 25 people group of people. The master’s thesis takes its place during the sixth semester of education. This course degree enables the students to bring specialized clinical knowledge and specialized social work treatment skills to the health and social sector, as well as the students could give independent and responsible psycho-social counselling and treatment, which aims to cope with psychosocial stress and illnesses through social integration.

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