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Creative-Bachelor, B.A.

University: Steinbeis University Berlin

Visit website: https://www.steinbeis-hochschule.de

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6 Semester

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Full-time studies


7800 € / Year


Aesthetics/art studies center on the development of art, its cultural meaning and people’s understanding of it. Art can be used in different ways – to express religious beliefs or personal feelings and emotions, to give freedom to one’s imagination, to tell a story or to eternalize a person or event. Students in Aesthetics learn different approaches and theories of interpreting art, characteristics and values of art, and how to analyze works of art. Paintings, sculptures and architecture from different epochs and their characteristics are studied in depth, as well as subjects like Art Theory, Art Sociology, Contemporary Aesthetics, Theory of Taste, Art History, Art Didactics, Applied Arts, Design Science and Artistic Techniques. Aesthetics programs are heavy in analytical and descriptive research, which encourages students to learn about the background of pieces of art and their creation process. Usually, there are also opportunities for additional projects, in order to gain better understanding of art, and practical skills. Graduates can find employment in media and communications, public and private organizations, cultural institutions, exhibition centers, research institutions, art education, political consulting, advertizing, printing, book publishing and many more.

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For this program, a general higher education entrance or entrance qualification for a university of applied sciences is needed. Completed Vocational Training including 2 years of Working Experience instead of academic entrance qualification.