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Acting Direction, Diplom

University: Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts

Visit website: https://www.hfs-berlin.de/

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4 Years

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Full-time studies


300 € / Year


The four-year course of studies “Acting Direction” offered by Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts provides an education that trains students for independent directing in a world that is becoming extremely diverse and complex. The curriculum is compound of basic and main studies, each lasting two years. Part of the basics studies are a basic acting course and directing courses. The courses are expanded by gaining knowledge in performance review, rehearsal technique, make-up and music and etc. In order to receive their intermediate diploma after the fourth semester, students have to finish at least four staging assignments each. Additionally, students can work on independent projects. The main study focuses on two major staging centres of attention. In the third year, students focus on a project, which they plan extensively under the mentors` direction and then they perform it on the Academy` s own stages. Students finish their fourth and last year with a diploma project performed at the bat or in a cooperative theater under realistic theater circumstances.

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