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Direction, B.Mus.

University: Hanns Eisler College of Music

Visit website: https://www.hfm-berlin.de

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6 Semester

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Full-time studies


320 € / Year


Music Education is a field of study that focuses on teaching and learning about different aspects of music, its history, techniques and methods, and comprehending them. Music plays a vital role in society and the task of Music Education degree courses is to define it that role and what music means to people. Students are typically taught subjects like Sociological and Psychological Dimensions of Music, Quantitative Approaches, Historical and Philosophical Dimensions, Form and Style Analysis, Psychological Foundations of Music Education, Music History and others. A degree course in Music Education endows students with a range of skills that help them analyze, assess and comprehend music and teach others to do the same. Participation in research and practice is also encouraged, so students can gain professional experience. Graduates have knowledge in leading a choir or instrumental ensemble, and are capable to evaluate concepts and theories, organize classes and use modern technological tools to enhance the learning process. Career prospects include jobs in the public or private sector as music teacher, music director, administrator, band director, vocal coach, education manager, mentor, program content planner, recording assistant, lecturer and many more.

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For this program, a general higher education entrance is needed. Knowledge of German Language is also required. Admission Test.