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Electrical Engineering with Orientation Semester, B.Sc.

RWTH Aachen University

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Electrical Engineering with Orientation Semester, B.Sc.

University: RWTH Aachen University

Visit website: https://www.rwth-aachen.de

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7 Semester

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Full-time studies


300 € / Semester


The “Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering with Orientation Semester’’ program is offered by RWTH Aachen University in collaboration with FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences. A full-time course of studies with a duration of seven semester that is focused on prospective students who wish to learn more about electrical engineering but are not quite sure of the right institutions where they can study this course. With its cooperative nature, this program will offer students the opportunity to study at both universities in their first semester and then decide which one they prefer more. The degree content includes modules such as Mathematics, Electrical Engineering, Physics, Technical English, and more. In students choose to purse the degree in RWTH Aachen University the course content in the following semesters will be structures as the one in the ‘’Electrical Engineering, Information Technology and Computer Engineering’’ program.

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