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Environmental Process Engineering, M.Eng.

Augsburg University of Applied Sciences

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Environmental Process Engineering, M.Eng.

University: Augsburg University of Applied Sciences

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4 Semester

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120 € / Year


Process Engineering is a subfield of Engineering that focuses on the properties of gases, liquids and solids, its composition and the processes in which they change. Process Engineering also deals with the production of materials like paper, extracting metals and separating components within more complex chemical compounds. Process Engineering is important, because it is at the core of all process industries. It serves as the link between science and production by transforming substances and making them ready to use. The most common subjects taught in Process Engineering degree programs include Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Physics, Electrical Engineering, Materials Engineering, Mechanics, Thermodynamics and more. Apart from the theoretical aspect, gaining professional experience is very important in Process Engineering programs as well. Students are usually given the opportunity to complete a practical semester where they can develop the most essential skills in the field, such as abstract thinking, creativity, data analysis skills, technical and scientific understanding, as well as strategic planning and problem solving skills. Process Engineering graduates can work in a number of sectors – pharmaceuticals, product development, plant construction and the food industry are just a few examples.

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For this program a specific bachelor´s degree is required. Knowledge of German Language. Selection Interview.