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Fine Art, M.Ed.

University: Berlin University of the Arts

Visit website: https://www.udk-berlin.de

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4 Semester

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Full-time studies


320 € / Year


By definition, fine art is the creation and judgment of visual art solely for its aesthetic and intellectual purposes, beauty and meaningfulness. Fine Art includes painting, sculpture, drawing, watercolor, graphics, and architecture. The aim of Fine Arts programs is to challenge students to develop their creative potential through practicing different techniques and gaining the skills and confidence to express themselves freely through their art. Subjects covered in Fine Arts courses include Art Theory, Critical Reflection, Analysis, Art History and Contemporary Fine Art, as well as research methods. Practice is an important part of any Art degree course, so students have many opportunities for studio work where they have the freedom to create and apply and evolve the skills they have learned, but also build a portfolio and gain valuable experience in a real work environment. With a degree in Fine Art, graduates can pursue a number of careers – sculpting, illustration, photography, creating art for advertizing, animation, acting and performing, managing art galleries and museums, art counseling, critiquing and evaluating, writing, teaching and many others.

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For this program, a specific bachelor´s degree is needed. Knowledge of German Language is also required. Application portfolio.