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German Linguistics, M.A.

University of Bamberg

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German Linguistics, M.A.

University: University of Bamberg

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4 Semester

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100 € / Year


Linguistics is the scientific study of languages, their origins and development through the ages, their structure and rules. The aim of Linguistics is to analyze the form and meaning of a language in context, define the nature of language and understand the way people communicate. Students in Linguistics have the opportunity to learn about different languages’ grammar, semantics, speech, syntax, phonetics and lexicology. The most common subjects taught in Linguistics programs include Phonetics and Phonology, Functional Syntax, Linguistic Theory, Semantics and Pragmatics, Generative Syntax, Statistics in Linguistics, Cognitive Linguistics, Speech Science, Language Communication and more. Students also learn about current topics in Linguistics, the principles of linguistic analysis, the historical development of languages and pedagogical issues in Linguistics. They gain both theoretical knowledge and practical skills, such as analytical thinking, excellent communication, critical evaluation and the ability to research and apply theories, draw conclusions, interpret information and demonstrate in-depth knowledge of linguistic theories. Linguistics graduates can choose from a variety of careers – teacher, language therapist, publishing editor, proofreader, lexicographer, copywriter, librarian, translator, researcher, forensic linguist, technical writer and many others.

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For this program, a specific bachelor´s degree is required. Knowledge of German Language.