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Health Care Education, B.A.

IB Hochschule

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Health Care Education, B.A.

University: IB Hochschule

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6 Semester

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Part-time studies; Extra-occupational studies


2300 € / Year


Health Education studies’ main aim is to provide information about physical and mental health, health-related problems and how to solve them individually or in a community. The focus is on improving the health of society as a whole, and training future professionals who will shed light on health issues and educate people about them. Health Education programs usually teach subjects like Health Promotion for Children and Adolescents, Dynamics of Teaching Health, School Health Programs and Policies, Principles of Assessment and Evaluation, Principles of Teaching and Learning and cover current topics in health like Contemporary Health Issues, Social Issues in Health Education and Cultural and Cross-Cultural Perspectives in Health. A Health Education degree course is perfect for anyone who wants to promote health and prevent diseases by educating others. Both theoretical and practical training is integrated into the program, so students can develop valuable skills and gain professional experience. Career prospects for graduates are various and include jobs in both the private and public sector – educating students, teachers, parents and staff in schools or universities, working for government or non-government organizations or advocating for better healthcare.

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For this program, a general higher education entrance qualification or university of applied sciences entrance qualification is needed. Applicants withouth academic entrance qualifications need to proof a completed study-related vocational training and at least 3 years of working experience. Knowledge of German Language is also required.