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Health & Nursing Management, B.Sc.

University: Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences Berlin

Visit website: https://www.ash-berlin.eu

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6 Semester

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311 € / Year


The Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences Berlin offers the six-semester undergraduate bachelor's degree “Bachelor of Science in Health and Nursing Management”. The entry requirements include any completed qualification or certificate in the fields of Health and nursing, Health and paediatric nurse, Geriatric nurse, Midwife obstetrician, Curative Educator, Physiotherapist, Medical assistant, etc. The application deadlines include summer and winter period. The main purpose of the course is to provide the students both profound and an interdisciplinary first scientific qualification. It will also prepare them to work within the health sector, with different groups of clients, patients and relatives from variety of ethical point of views. In order to complete this Bachelor degree, the students need two years of training in the health or nursing profession, followed by at least one year of professional experience that will be also required after completing the training in the corresponding profession.

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