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Human Resources, B.A.

University: Steinbeis University Berlin

Visit website: https://www.steinbeis-hochschule.de

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6 Semester

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Part-time studies; Extra-occupational studies


2650 € / Year


Human Resource and Organization Management deals with one of the most important resources of any company – people. The aim of Human Resource Management studies is to give students the means to recruit the best candidates ad effectively utilize employees, while Organization Management focuses on bringing people within an organization together and making them work towards achieving a common goal. Good Human Resource and Organization Management is essential for the smooth running of any company. Human Resource and Organization Management programs most often teach subjects like Staff Management, Compensation and Benefits, Human Resource Administration, Human Resource Development, Organization Theory and Organization Culture, Change Management, Management Development, Employee Engagement and more. Human Resource and Organization Management studies provide students with the necessary skills to recruit and interview staff, plan, manage and coordinate tasks within organizations and utilize all their resources efficiently. Human Resource and Organization graduates can find work in a number of fields – human resources, public relations, marketing, organizational development, organizational change management, training and development management, recruitment management and many more.

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For this program, a general higher education entrance or entrance qualification for a university of applied sciences is needed. At least 2 years of Working Experience. Completed Vocational Training including 3 years of Working Experience instead of academic entrance qualification. Knowledge of German Language. Selection Procedure.