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Islamic Studies, M.A.

University: Free University of Berlin

Visit website: https://www.fu-berlin.de/

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4 Semester

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Full-time studies


300 € / Year


Religious Studies study and analyze religion and religious beliefs, behaviors and institutions. Religious studies aim to describe and interpret different religious expressions in different cultures, throughout history and today. Religious Studies analyze religion from an outside point of view and define its purpose in society. They generally teach subjects like World Religions, Comparative Christianities, The Religion of Islam, Jewish Studies, Yoga, Psychedelics and the Ascetic Imperative, Old Testament, New Testament, Christian Traditions and more. Students in Religious Studies have the opportunity to carry out research and discuss contemporary topics concerning religion like Faith, Doubt and God, Religious Literature and Film, The Church and Sexuality, Abortion and Religious Extremism. Religious Studies degree courses give students the means to use various methods and approaches, analyze religious texts, identify religious beliefs and traditions in modern society and explain the significance of religious expression. Religious Studies graduates can pursue careers in different sectors like teaching, social work, administration of religious institutions, ministry, research, law, religious advising, academia, youth counseling, healthcare, policy advocacy, and many others.

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For this program, a specific Bachelor´s degree is needed. Knowledge of German Language is also provided. Proof of written and verbal Arabic Language Skills (C1 GER/B1 GER). Proof of reading capability of one other Scientific Language (French, Spanish, Russian, etc.).