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Journalism & Public Relations Management (Media Management), B.A.

SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences

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Journalism & Public Relations Management (Media Management), B.A.

University: SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences

Visit website: https://www.srh-berlin.de/

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6 Semester

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3850 € / Year


Public Management involves organizing operations in the public sector. This includes government and non-profit organizations. Public Management aims to improve the quality and efficiency of the services in the sector. Public managers usually operate in two areas: internal and external management of organizations. Programs in Public Management typically teach subjects such as Public Administration, Public Policy, Organizational Policy, Political Economy, Strategic Management, Ethics Management and more. Students have the opportunity to learn about current global issues and how they are affecting the world, like social care, migration and refugee crises and climate change, and work on strategies towards solving them. During the course, students develop strong leadership and entrepreneurial skills, the ability to make sound decisions, analyze and solve problems, come up with strategies, manage public services, and in-depth understanding of public affairs and their social and economic aspects. Public Management graduates can pursue careers in management and administration in public service, local or national government organizations, or private and non-government organizations as charity officers, public affairs consultants, human resources officers, operations managers, journalists, public sector accountants, public administrators and more.

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For this program, a general higher education entrance or entrance qualification for a university of applied sciences is needed. Knowledge of German Language. Selection Procedure.