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Literature & Media, M.A.

University of Bamberg

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Literature & Media, M.A.

University: University of Bamberg

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4 Semester

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100 € / Year


Literature consists of published written works and especially of ones that leave a lasting impression on society and hold cultural significance. They can most generally be divided into poetry, fiction, nonfiction and drama, and grouped according to their historical period, language and style. Literature Studies deal with both historical and modern texts and mainly focus on analyzing and interpreting them. Literature Studies programs involve comparisons of works from both European and American authors. They include a number of subjects, the most common of which being Linguistics, Text Analysis, Literary Theory, Intercultural Competence, Literary Criticism, Media and Cultural Communication, Authors, Periods, Genres and more. In addition, students also have the opportunity to learn about contemporary German literature, carry out research and discuss current literary topics. A degree in Literature Studies aims to provide students with understanding of literary approaches and theories, and analytical, critical-thinking and academic writing skills, as well as the ability to gather information, form arguments and engage in debate. Career prospects for Literature Studies graduates include jobs in education, publishing, journalism, media, public relations, cultural management, policy, writing, communication and more fields.

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For this program, a specific bachelor´s degree is required. Knowledge of German Language.