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Maths, M.Ed.

University: Free University of Berlin

Visit website: https://www.fu-berlin.de/

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4 Semester

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Full-time studies


300 € / Year


By definition, Mathematics is the science of numbers, quantity and space. It studies measurements, properties and quantities through numbers and symbols. Mathematics is very important because its laws affect many aspects of our lives – from computer algorithms to everyday tasks such as setting family budgets or calculating distances. Mathematics can be divided into different branches, such as algebra, geometry, combinatorics, calculus, trigonometry and others. Mathematics programs teach a number of subjects, the most common of which include Calculus, Linear Algebra, Mathematical Statistics, Probability, Mathematical Reasoning, Numerical Theory, Theory of Arithmetic, Geometry, Trigonometry, Applied Mathematics for Business and more. A degree course in Mathematics helps students develop key professional skills like problem-solving, creative-thinking, quantitative reasoning, communication, time management and analytical thinking skills, and apply them in many different sectors. Mathematics students also learn to precisely implement intricate ideas, comprehend and use mathematical methods, and apply the acquired theoretical knowledge. Mathematics graduates pursue careers in various sectors, such as statistics, data analysis, financial analysis, teaching, economy, programming, insurance, technology and biotechnology, research, mechanical engineering, investment, accounting, consultancy and many others.

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For this program, a specific Bachelor´s degree is needed. Knowledge of German Language is also provided.