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Mechatronic Systems, M. Eng.

University: Augsburg University of Applied Sciences

Visit website: https://www.hs-augsburg.de

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4 Semester

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Full-time studies


3300 € / Year


Electrical Engineering is the branch of Engineering that focuses on the technology of electricity. The main goal of Electrical Engineering is to design and develop efficient electrical systems based on the laws of physics and mathematics and using electronic and electromagnetic methods. Electrical Engineering aims to solve electrical problems and test equipment in order to prevent accidents. There are many applications of Electrical Engineering – from smart phone devices and computers to industrial design and power plants. The most common subjects studied in Electrical Engineering degree programs include Electric Circuits, Electronics, Signals and Systems, Probability and Random Signals, Electromagnetics, Electric Machines, Experimental Physics, General Physics Using Calculus, Electrical Networks, Networks and Systems and more. A degree course in Electrical Engineering provides students with fundamental understanding of various topics in the field, as well as problem-solving, software programming, critical-thinking, design, analytical and communication skills. Because the applications of Electrical Engineering are numerous, graduates can expect to have no problems in pursuing a career. Potential fields of work include telecommunications, electronics, consulting engineering, aerospace engineering, marine engineering, power distribution, audio and video equipment design, and others.

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For this program a specific bachelor´s degree is needed. Knowledge of German Language. Selection Interview.