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Media Informatics, B.Sc.

University: Technical University of Berlin

Visit website: https://www.tu-berlin.de

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6 Semester

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Full-time studies


320 € / Year


Information Science is an academic field that deals with all processes connected with information – its collection, storage, analysis, distribution and protection. Its main aim is to make those processes efficient using various methods and technologies, as well as manage and use knowledge and information. Information Science is an important field of study that teaches a variety of subjects, the most common of which Information Policy, Communication and Information Transfer, Introduction to Computer Technology, Storage and Retrieval, Digital Information Infrastructure, Information Literacy and Technology, Programming Fundamentals, Statistics for Business and others. A degree course in Information Science provides students with in-depth knowledge of how information can be created, stored and used, understanding of information tools and techniques and a wide range of professional skills like analyzing, processing, information management, problem-solving, decision-making, organization, communication and technical skills. Information Science aims to improve the processes within companies and organizations by uniting technology, information and users. Information Science graduates can work in a number of sectors, including network administration, database development, web content management, web research, system administration, data mining, cyber security, information analysis, IT consultancy, technical support and many more.

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For this program, a general higher education entrance qualification or university of applied sciences entrance qualification is needed. Knowledge of German Language is also provided.