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Medical Informatics Online, M.Sc.

University: Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin

Visit website: https://www.beuth-hochschule.de

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5 Semester

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Part-time studies; Extra-occupational studies


2250 € / Year


Life expectancy has risen over the past decade and the quality of life has been improved due to the advances in healthcare and medicine. Technology has aided many aspects of life and is still continuing to develop. Medical Computer Science deals with the development, management, storage and processing of medical data and information. Its main aim is to efficiently use information and algorithms to improve healthcare. Medical Computer Science is a multidisciplinary academic field that teaches subjects from several areas, like Medical Informatics, Statistics, Data Analysis, Hospital Management, IT Security in Healthcare, Medical Documentation, Computer Science, Medical Image Processing, Software Systems, Telemedical Systems and others. Medical Computer Science degree courses aim to produce qualified and skilled professionals who are able to gather and process data, optimize medical procedures using technology, design user-friendly interfaces and improve the processes within hospitals and medical facilities. A degree course in Medical Computer Science gives students a number of career prospects. They can work in medical research, medical technology, health service, communication, IT system management, medical information management, medical diagnostics, disease prevention, e-health and other sectors.

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