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Molecular & Applied Biotechnology, M.Sc.

RWTH Aachen University

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Molecular & Applied Biotechnology, M.Sc.

University: RWTH Aachen University

Visit website: https://www.rwth-aachen.de

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4 Semester

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300 € / Semester


The “Master of Science in Molecular and Applied Biotechnology’’ degree program offered at RWTH Aachen University is a four-semester research-oriented study course. This course is based on the Bachelor’s program of the same name. It designed in such a way that will help students strengthen their knowledge in the subject by intertwining engineering sciences with natural sciences and bioengineering components. Participants that enrol in this course will have to take three compulsory modules in the areas of Bioanalytic, Industrial Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, and Protein and Process Design. Graduates with a Master’s degree in this discipline can explore diverse career opportunities depending on their specialization. Some of the potential work fields are universities and university hospitals, research companies, external research institutions, supervising studies, product development, marketing, and more.  

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