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Molecular Medicine, M.Sc.

University: Charité University Medicine Berlin

Visit website: https://www.charite.de

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4 Semester

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Full-time studies


2500 € / Year


Molecular Medicine is a scientific field of study which uses concepts from medicine, physics, chemistry, biology, and bioinformatics to analyze and describe molecular structures and mechanisms, spot genetic errors that lead to diseases, and develop strategies of preventing them on a molecular level. Molecular Medicine studies gene expression, proteins, cancer formation and immunology, and aims to design plans for the treatment, prevention and potential cure of human diseases. The most common subjects taught in Molecular Medicine university degree programs typically include Molecular Basis of Infection, Molecular Pathology of Cancer, Molecular Basis of Genetic Disease, Biocomputing, Molecular Mechanisms, Genomics and Epigenomics, Regenerative Medicine, Bioimaging and Cell Analysis and more. Molecular Medicine degree courses provide students with in-depth knowledge of molecular and cellular mechanisms that are linked to the cause of diseases, as well as with methods and techniques of analyzing data, interpreting results and drawing conclusions. Students in Molecular Medicine gain valuable skills such as problem-solving, critical-thinking, analytical and detail-oriented skills, which help them pursue careers in a number of sectors, including biotechnology, healthcare, scientific research, academia, teaching, laboratory management, molecular biology, nuclear medicine and more.

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For this program, a specific Bachelor´s degree is needed. Knowledge of English Language is also provided.