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Process Engineering, M.Eng.

University: Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin

Visit website: https://www.beuth-hochschule.de

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3 Semester

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313 € / Year


The degree program "Master of Engineering in Process Engineering" at Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin provides students with an extended education in natural sciences and engineering. In-depth studies are carried out in the field of classical process engineering, but also in the numerical solution of process engineering problems using commercial programs. Project work in the laboratory serves to deepen the subject matter and teaches practice-oriented methods. In the third semester, students complete a master's thesis in which they work on a problem of practical relevance. Graduates can find a wide range of jobs in companies in the chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries, in energy technology, in supply and disposal technology, in the raw materials and construction materials industries, and in apparatus and plant engineering.

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