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Public Theology, M.A.

University: University of Bamberg

Visit website: https://www.uni-bamberg.de/

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4 Semester

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100 € / Year


Theology is an academic discipline that deals with religious beliefs, the nature of God and the divine. The purpose of Theology is to analyze, understand, explain and define religion in its different cultural forms, and find answers to universal questions about God and religious beliefs. Theology encompasses various subjects which most often include The Bible, Ancient Cultures, History of Church and Theology, Comparative Religion, Systematic Philosophy, Moral Theology, Christianity, Judaism and Islam, The Early Church, Religion and Philosophy, The Problem of God and more. Students in Theology are provided with interesting topics to research and discuss and thus develop critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, the ability to understand religious logic and the dissimilarities between theological perspectives, apply different methods, perceive religious traditions through history and in contemporary society, and inform themselves about current world issues like human rights, violence, poverty, ecology, justice and HIV/aids. Theology degrees serve as a stepping stone towards a number of careers. For example, graduates can work as teachers, counselors, journalists, writers, historians, social workers, ethicists, policy makers, religious advisors and more.

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For this program, a specific bachelor´s degree is required. Knowledge of German & another foreign Language.