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Religious Studies, M.A.

University: University of Bayreuth

Visit website: https://www.uni-bayreuth.de

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4 Semester

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111 € / Year


In the Master’s program “Master of Arts in Religious Studies”, the three thematic focal points “Contemporary Religious Culture in Europe”, “Islam in the Present” and “Religion in Africa” are innovatively intertwined. The course allows both the individual focus on one of the above-mentioned key areas and the formation of a profile through a broader study. It is also possible to integrate either a job-related internship or, alternatively, an independent academic specialization (Independent Studies) into the course. The main goal of this program is to focus on religion (s) in contemporary societies and is geared towards empirical, contemporary research. Also, the University of Bayreuth provides stays abroad as part of numerous Erasmus collaborations with Turkish, British, Czech and Swiss universities make an intensive international exchange possible for all students. This Master’s degree qualifies students to work within various fields of activity in and outside of science. Important professional fields are: human rights work, working with migrants, journalism, development cooperation, politics (advice), public and church educational institutions, NGOs, foundations, media, opinion research institutes and publishers, museums, cultural and event management, as well as the scientific sector. The entry requirements include a university degree (or a completed degree) in the bachelor's degree in culture and society with the subject of religious studies at the University of Bayreuth or an equivalent degree, as well as linguistic proficiency Germ an: B2; English: B2.

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