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Security Management, M.A.

University: Berlin School of Economics and Law

Visit website: https://www.hwr-berlin.de

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4 Semester

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Part-time studies; Extra-occupational studies


1800 € / Year


General Management involves the overseeing of operations, marketing strategy, sales, formulating policies and planning the materials and human resources of businesses. General Management programs prepare students for demanding positions in all areas of management. Subjects that are taught in General Management programs are various and include Human Resources Management, Leadership and Management Ethics, Finance and Accounting, Information and Communication Technologies, International Marketing, Sales Management, Managerial Economics, Organizational Development and Change and others. A General Management degree course enables students to develop skills that are valued highly by employers – problem solving, critical and analytical thinking, innovation and creativity, decision making, the ability to collaborate on projects and to adapt to change. Graduates are expected to be able to work in challenging work environments, be prepared to initiate change and be open to trying different approaches to dealing with problems and daily tasks. Career prospects for General Management graduates include management director, human resources manager, marketing manager, data analyst, project developer, market representative, brand specialist, and other leadership roles in companies and organizations.

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Study prerequisites include a relevant Bachelor´s degree, knowledge of the German language, as well as at least one year of work experience.